Incredible Health Benefits of Horsetail Extract

The Real Purity Team
Horsetail extract doesn't come from a horse's tail at all, but rather a thin, tall plant resembling a tail. Google this extract and you'll see a laundry list of health concerns that can improve with its use.
Horsetail has a high mineral concentration due to its unique ability to soak up and retain these minerals from the earth. This ultra-powerful plant delivers manganese, calcium, iron, silica, alkaloids and more. The extract serves as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, antimicrobial, coagulant and diuretic and delivers antioxidants to the body.
With these properties, horsetail is especially useful for the following conditions:
  1. Memory loss - Lack of silica in the body may contribute to memory loss. With its unique delivery of this mineral, memory can be improved through use. Additionally, nicotine can be found in horsetail, which stimulates the brain. Take one to two capsules daily for at least two months to see a difference.
  2. Brittle hair and nails - Again, because of its silica content, horsetail is beneficial to hair and nail strengthening and growth. Try drinking tea, massaging oil into the nails or the scalp, or use the tea as a replacement for conditioner.
  3. Skin concerns - From rashes to burns and boils to anti-aging, horsetail has been a go-to supplement for skin problems for centuries. Drink tea daily or apply a horsetail paste to injured skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe skin irritations, as well as plump skin. That miraculous silica once again saves the day. Silica is known to help boost collagen production and heal and maintain healthy connective tissue. For this reason it serves as a strong wrinkle fighter.
  4. Edema - Tap into horsetail extract's diuretic abilities. For fluid retention in the legs, take capsules or drink its tea daily for two months.

The benefits of horsetail extract are vast, but it's not without its concerns. When used in moderation and for two months at a time, it is considered safe. However, people with vitamin B deficiencies should steer clear as it can provide further depletion of vitamin B in the body. Do not use if you are using a nicotine patch or are taking a diuretic. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use horsetail, nor should children.
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