Improve Complexion With These Poolside Snacks

The Real Purity Team
Packing snacks for the pool can be a challenge, especially when you don't want anything to spoil in the summer heat.  It can be particularly difficult if you want to maintain your skin quality along with your tan. Read on to see how to improve complexion with these poolside snacks.
First, consider foods that can survive without refrigeration. Not only do you want to avoid getting sick after something spoils in the heat - some medical professionals believe that foods with dairy, like chocolate and dairy heavy dips, contain components that stimulate oil glands and set the stage for acne.
What kinds of dairy-free dips are going to be best for a poolside hangout? For a kid-friendly crowd, start out with pretzels and peanut, cashew or almond butter (which is rich in protein and potassium). No pretzel fans? Substitute apples or carrots, which use Vitamin A, Vitamin C and/or copper to produce retinoid, collagen, and melanin, each of which strengthen and tone skin.
For a more adult crowd, try out this Sweet Pea Summer Dip recipe. Avocados provide vitamin E and fatty acids, which keep skin supper and hydrated, while sweet peas provide collagen-building Vitamin C. You can pair it with something crunchy, like a chip or carrot, or go for sliced up bell peppers, which provide B6, magnesium, iron and capsaicin (good for lowering cholesterol, preventing bloating, weeding out free radicals and maintaining a healthy immune system).
Fruits, such as cubed watermelon or frozen grapes, are perfect for the pool as they provide much-needed hydration on a warm day.  Red grapes in particular contain natural antioxidants that ease skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. You can also make up a sweet treat by infusing water with watermelon, pineapple, mint, and/or cucumbers to whip up flavored water, or freeze for refreshing popsicles (for fun molds, try out these tested and true molds from The Sweet Home blog, or cut up easy heart shapes with these heart molds).
If you’re looking for a light snack that also packs the punch of a meal, then we recommend farro or barley salad. Not only is it dairy-free and a healthier alternative to pasta salad, but you can top your grains with garlic, shallots, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, olive oil and lemon for a refreshing and filling poolside salad.
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