How to Look Younger With These Skin Care Tips

The Real Purity Team
It isn't polite to ask a woman her age – but what's even worse is when her skin gives it away for her. If you're using the harsh chemicals in commercial products or skipping steps in your skin care routine, your skin could be telling the world you're older than you really are. But never fear – there are many ways to keep the appearance of age at bay. Look younger with these skin care tips (listed below).
To keep wrinkles at bay, you have to fight off their biggest ally: the sun. Applying a sunscreen before you smooth on your makeup can keep away nasty age spots and keep skin youthful. Love the idea of sticking with Zinc? Try Real Purity’s Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, which is made with only four, naturally-sourced ingredients.
Looking to protect your lips from daily wear and tear? Keep your lips as smooth as your skin with the regular application of a lip balm, like Real Purity’s Vitamin E Lip Balm.
After you apply your light layer of sunscreen, tackle the existing wrinkles already appearing on your skin. Smooth on a light amount of foundation and eye makeup, covering dark circles with a thin layer of concealer. Caking on face and eye makeup can fill fine lines and enhance their visibility, so you want a lighter foundation that will smooth out your skin.
Looking for a natural foundation, but not sure what shade you need? Try out a sample of any shade of Real Purity’s Health Glow Cream Foundation at our Samples page.
When it's time to get ready for bed, your first priority should be to wipe away the day. Begin your nighttime routine with a gentle cotton swab to remove eye makeup. Note that pulling too hard on your eyelids stretches them (which can make them droop and sag) so be sure to use soft swiping movements from the inside corner of your eye to the outside corner. Repeat until you pull away a clean swab.
Continue your routine with a natural exfoliant, like a facial scrub, to clear away pore-clogging debris. After scrubbing, follow with use of a pH balancing toner that will restore the balance of your skin tone.
To finish up your regimen, use a face moisturizer to combat dry skin. Using a moisturizer with collagen and fatty acids will help to rebuild the skin-firming properties that are lost as you get older.
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