Favorite Late Summer Finds at the Farmers Market

The Real Purity Team
As exciting as it may feel to have lots of nice, local and fresh food during the summer season, it can be pretty overwhelming to decide what you want in your basket. But now that summer is winding to a close, we’re here to help you make a few last decisions this season.
Read this latest post at The Real Purity Blog to see our favorite late summer finds at the farmers market.
If you're a tomato-lover at heart, late summer is the time to take advantage of the huge variety available at your local farmers market. Can't decide which variety to cook with first? Use all of them in this Tomato Broccoli Cheese Potato Bake recipe.
The season for limes is short - but whether you're using them for a chicken marinade or a tasty margarita (see our chosen recipe here), we all know they're a treat year round. Take advantage of the short season by stocking up and freezing the ones you want to use the rest of the year.
Just like limes, peaches have a short window between July and August when they're at their best. Wanting to stock up, but not sure how many you'll eat? Try this Peach Cobbler Muffins recipe for muffins that are sure to fly out the door.
Have you ever heard of the pawpaw fruit? If not, then you'll understand why many call it "America's forgotten fruit." This fruit - a mix between a mango and a banana - is best foraged between September and October, and it's a distinctly flavored fruit that will provide variety to your usual farmers market finds. Wondering what it tastes like or where you can find it? Read more about how to eat and prep pawpaws in this article at Serious Eats.
This is one of our favorite fall finds. Aromatic, sweet and spicy, quince is a fruit that will need to be poached and/or baked in order to be eaten. But don't let this stop you from purchasing - quince has the perfect, sweet aroma to get your kitchen ready for its summer to fall transition.