Favorite Go To Gifts For Green Living

The Real Purity Team
As holiday music streams through store speakers and shoppers start to swarm the stores, it's easy to feel the stress of the holidays start to set in. And if you're shopping for friends and family focused on eco-friendly products, it's not always as easy as running out to your local Target.
To get your creative juices flowing, check out our favorite go to gifts for green living below.
Cork Watch (45.00)
It's time to invest in this eco-friendly, yet stylish timepiece. Durable, flexible and naturally water-resistant, this watch pairs sustainably harvested bark of the Cork Oak with a casing made from biodegradable corn resin.
Cold Coffee Brew Gift Set ($36.00)
Brew up cold coffee the night before with this mason jar and hand-sewn cloth filter. Reusable and simple, this elegant design will meet the needs of the cold coffee lover in your family.
Eco-Dough ($19.99)
Parents don’t have to worry about their kids eating this playdoh. Free from artificial dyes and fragrances, this eco-dough comes in five different colors and will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.
Vers IQ Bluetooth Sound System ($129.95)
Sophisticated and responsible, this Bluetooth Sound System is the trendy, chic gift you need for your friends or family.
Grow Your Own Marinara Kit ($29.00)
It’s time to spoil that aspiring cook in your family. Best for those tight on space and short on time, this Grow Your Own Marinara Kit lets you grow organic vegetables right in the provided bag.
Eco Friendly Rock Rhythm Band ($44.99)
Rock out with this Eco Friendly Rock Rhythm Band, made from sustainable materials, FSC certified wood and water-based paint. Safe for children 3 years and up.
Glitter Vinyl Clutch ($20.00)
Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the teen girls on your holiday gift list. Get sparkly with this vinyl glitter clutch, made from recycled candy wrappers.
Loving this list of our favorite go to holiday gifts for green living? Keep an eye on our blog all month long for more holiday sales and tips.