Best Essential Oils By Skin Type

The Real Purity Team
It’s easy to toss your old skin care, body care and even your regular medicines in the trash in favor for more natural alternatives, but it’s not always so easy to decide what to do next if you have anything other than normal skin.
If you’re wondering what kinds of skin care are going to benefit your skin as well as your overall health, read below to see the best essential oils by skin type.                                                           
Because you often shouldn’t apply essential oils directly to the skin, we’ve included recommended carrier oils that you can either mix or diffuse alongside each set of recommended essential oils.
Dry Skin
Suffering from dry skin this winter season? You’re in luck! There are plenty of essential oils that you can mix and diffuse to ease and soothe dry skin. Our favorites include lavender, which is an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory and facilitates the growth of healthy new skin cells, and myrrh, which has cooling properties that can soothe and heal dry, cracked skin.
Other recommended oils for dry skin:
Cedarwood | Geranium | Jasmine | Lavender | Lemon | Myrrh | Patchouli | Roman Chamomile | Rose| Rosewood | Sandalwood | Ylang Ylang | Palmarosa
Recommended Carrier Oils: 
Argan | Avocado | Evening Primrose | Maracuja | Sweet Almond | Emu | Jojoba |Wheatgerm
Sensitive Skin
Because taking care of sensitive skin is often more difficult than just dry or oily skin, we have a smaller list of recommended ingredients. However, we particularly recommend Geranium, which balances sebum production and is an antiseptic and an astringent.
Other recommended oils for dry skin:
Geranium | jasmine | Lavender
Recommended Carrier Oils: 
Sweet Almond | Jojoba | Evening Primrose
Oily Skin
Oily skin can be the hardest kind to battle, especially if you’re using the wrong kind of oil on your face. Here, we really recommend using ylang ylang, which can decrease sebum production while continuing to moisturize, and bergamot, which slows down oil production while clearing toxins and bacteria from your skin’s surface.
Other recommended oils for oily skin:
Bergamot | Clary Sage | Cypress | Frankincense | Geranium | Helichyrsum | Lavender | Lemon | Lemongrass | Orange | Lime | Patchouli | Peppermint | Roman Chamomile | Rosemary | Sandalwood | Tea Tree | Ylang Ylang 
Recommended Carrier Oils: 
Hazel Nut | Grape Seed | jojoba | Sweet Almond
Combination Skin
It doesn’t seem fair that your skin can be both dry and oily, but that doesn’t mean you should despair. For combination skin, we recommend sticking with Bergamot, which can ease oil production if your combination skin is on the oily side, as well as lavender, which can soothe inflamed skin while balancing sebum production and reducing scarring. 
All of these oils have a balancing effect on sebum production and can nourish dry skin or reduce sebum production on oily/combination skin.
Other recommended oils for combination skin:
Patchouli | Lavender | Bergamot | Orange
Recommended Carrier Oils: 
Apricot Kernel | Jojoba | Sweet Almond | Evening Primrose
Wrinkles/Aging Skin
Aging skin can be a woman’s biggest skincare fear, but there’s no reason to worry if you’re using the right essential oils. When we list our favorites, we like to include frankincense, which can moisturize and tighten loose skin, myrrh, which gives you a youthful, healthy glow, or Palmerosa, a hydrating essential oil that stimulates cellular regeneration. We also love tangerine, which can make skin appear more vibrant and young, or rose, which is an astringent helpful for thread veins or even couperosa.
Other recommended oils for aging skin:
Clary sage | Cypress | Frankincense | Geranium | Helichyrsum | Lavender | Lemon | Myrrh | Orange | Patchouli | Rosemary | Sandalwood | Ylang Ylang | Rose | Tangerine| Palmarosa
Recommended Carrier Oils: 
Borage | Emu | Evening Primrose | Sweet Almond | Avocado | Olive | Maracuja | Wheatgerm
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