Are Natural Products Worth The Extra Cost?

The Real Purity Team
Love staying natural, but not sure why it's costing so much to shop products whose ingredients should be more easily available? Read on to see why natural products cost more and to answer the question, "Are natural products worth the extra cost?"
  1. Natural products have a shorter shelf life.

When you check the label on our natural beauty products, you won't find a long list of preservatives added simply to extend the shelf life of the product. Instead, we use natural ingredients that are healthy for your body, but that break down sooner than their chemically synthesized counterparts. Because of this, we work in smaller batches to ensure that you get a potent product. This means that each bottle costs a little more to make than mass-produced products do.
What This Means For You: When you choose natural products, you won't have to worry about chemicals that will harm your body.
  1. The ingredients are extracted from natural sources.

When you buy a natural beauty product, you are receiving the distilled essence of nature. For example, it takes many pounds of petals to get a single ounce of rose extract. The process is labor intensive, and the purer the extract, the more expensive the ingredients are to buy. Ingredients made in the lab cost less because they are mixed in large batches in a factory setting. Because we purchase essential oils that are of only the highest quality, it means that each ingredients costs us more per barrel, contributing to a higher price per finished product.
What This Means For You: When it comes to natural beauty products, a little goes a long way. In fact, when you use products made with very pure ingredients, your bottle will last longer, lowering your out-of-pocket expense.
  1. Water is not the number one ingredient.

Natural products are not heavily diluted. The first ingredient in many popular brands is water. Instead of buying a concentrated beauty product, you are actually purchasing a large bottle of diluted product. More active ingredients translates into a higher cost, but a more impactful formula.
What This Means For You: You are paying for a pure, more concentrated product when you choose a product made using natural ingredients. It is the ingredients that matter, not the amount of water in the bottle.
  1. The products will be vetted for toxicity and environmental impact

Creating a natural product that limits the customer’s exposure to toxic, irritating ingredients is not an easy task. If it was, wouldn’t everyone do it? Because we think more carefully about the ingredients in each item, we fail more often and need to try more combinations before we come up with a successful solution that we’re willing to make available to our customers.
What This Means For You: Each product you use has been more carefully vetted and analyzed than a mainstream cosmetic or skin care item, meaning that the extra cents you’re paying per item are directly attributable to the time spent creating it.
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