5 Benefits Of Living An Organic Lifestyle in Spring

The Real Purity Team
As the middle of March approaches, most of us can hardly tamp down our excitement as we taste spring in the air. Not only does it mean that the outdoors are beginning to beckon – we’re starting to realize that our favorite things about warmer weather are finally no longer distant memories.
Read more below to see what living an organic lifestyle means to us when spring rolls around.
1. Farmers Markets Are Back!
Who doesn’t love a great farmers market? We know we do! Wondering where to find the closest farmers market? Visit Local Harvest, a website dedicated to the promotion of organic food and the farmers who grow it, to find one near you.
2.Time To Plan An Organic Garden?
If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, planting your own garden is a great one to explore. Visit either Organic Garden or Organic Gardening 101 for some tips on planting one for the first time.
3. Sturdier Skin Can Mean New Skin Treatments
After braving sub zero temperatures outside and adjusting to the high heat blowing in your home,  your skin is sturdier than ever – which means that now might be the perfect time to try out new skin treatments. For tips on what you should keep using as the weather warms up, check out either our last blog post about using ingredients to design a skin routine for spring, or visit this post from Elle Canada for additional tips.
4. Increased Sun Exposure
Sun doesn’t just feel good on your skin – it has numerous benefits that we can appreciate and enjoy, including everything from improved bone strength to a reduced risk of cancer. Check out the full list at the Simple Green Organic Happy blog.
5. Fresh Fruits & Veggies = Healthier Body
So now you know where the farmers market is and you’ve started your own garden – but what fruits and veggies should you be picking up or growing? Spring is the perfect time to start trying out healthy foods, because many of them are at their best. Read this article at Yahoo! Health for recommended spring veggies and their benefits to your health.
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