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Love Real Purity products? So does Whole Foods!

In 2014, Whole Foods approved Real Purity as a Premium Body Care Supplier. Wondering what that means? It means that Real Purity’s non-toxic, natural line of cosmetics and skin care meets the rigorous guidelines that products must meet to be carried in this exclusive grocery store.

Currently, several Whole Foods in the Midwest region carry Real Real Purity's Roll-On Deodorant, Women's Natural Stick Deodorant, and Men's Natural Stick Deodorant.

Wondering where you can pick it up? Visit our retail store locator.

Love Real Purity products, but don’t see a location near you listed? Head into your local Whole Foods, ask to speak to the Whole Body Team Leader, and let them know what Real Purity products you’d like to see carried.

You can get information for your local Whole Foods here.

Becoming a Premium Body Care Supplier

In order to become a Whole Foods Premium Body Care Supplier, companies must meet the rigorous guidelines set forth by Whole Foods for healthy, natural living. Products under these guidelines cannot contain parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium or laureth sulfates. All products can also only contain mild preservatives, gentle surfactants, and fragrances that originate from essential oils.

For a larger list of ingredients not allowed under the Premium Body Care seal, click here.