Parfait Powder Blush

Parfait Powder Blush


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Reviewer: Lisa
One of my favorite natural blushes
I've tried a few different brands of natural blush and this one always seems to be my preferred blush. I love how smooth it goes on and is not too concentrated like some of the other ones - it distributes nicely. My favorite color is the Parfait - a nice natural light pink.
Reviewer: Al
Okay so I’m one of those people who don’t normally write reviews, but I’ll definitely go out of my way to write one if I love the product. This is one of those times! This blush is so pretty, and the pigment is amazing! I was skeptical about buying it just because compared to other more “natural” alternatives it is by far the cheapest. In reality though this is the only blush I found that has the least amount of ingredients compared other brands that are almost triple the price. I’ve used numerous drugstore and high end blush brands but this will definitely be my go to from here on out!
Reviewer: Bets
Looks stunning with pale skin
Love this pink. It looks different than the picture, a beautiful shade of pale pink. It looks sensational on pale skin. I used up my samples, my full sized purchased, and just received my reorder. Love these products! I frequently get compliments on my skin when I am wearing this particular shade. It is light, feminine, and gives you a healthy, beautiful glow.
Reviewer: Sally
a little disappointed
I'm not a regular user of blush, but I bought this for occasional use. I'm sure it's a great product, as I love my shampoo and conditioner from Real Purity. But I was a little disappointed with the blush because it blends right in with my skin. Had to put numerous strokes to make it show and even then, it was light. I am light, pink skinned. Maybe just the wrong shade for me.
Reviewer: Debbie
Your blushes are very good. They go on smoothly, and last all day. Parfait is a good pink for me.
Reviewer: mtcowgirl
Beautiful Rosy Hue
Parfait is a fabulous blush. It goes on beautifully and smoothly. You are able to layer it, so you can put it in very faintly to give your cheeks a rosy glow, or you can pop the color for photos!
Reviewer: Melody
So pretty
I ordered the sample first and then the full-size. This color is so pretty and so natural looking. I love how it goes on my skin.
Reviewer: lizbelle
Love it
Ordered the Parfait and love it. Soft pink blush, a little goes a long way, and there's no chemical or fragrance odor! Thanks real Purity!
Reviewer: Ashley
best blushes on the market!
Real Purity makes one of the very best blushes on the market! The global market!

The shade called, "Parfait" ? 5 stars.
Reviewer: pinklipstck
Great Blush
The colour pigment and lasting power of this blush is comparable to brands such as MAC and NARS. I have tried other pure products but, they do not provide the pigment, lasting power, and blending ability as Real Purity blush does. This blush is also non-irritating. I have really sensitive skin and my skin does not itch when I wear this blush.

My skin tone is NW20 in MAC (light skin-pink undertone). I purchased Parfait, Desert Rose, and Peachwood. I love all three colours.

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