Health Glow Cream Foundation (Soft Beige) Sample Size

Health Glow Cream Foundation (Soft Beige) Sample Size


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Reviewer: Liz
loved this sample! went really well with the translucent pressed powder sample and the light concealer samples i tried
Reviewer: RPShopper
This is good stuff. Good color match, nice coverage, blends well, etc. Something in it irritates my eyes, though. I had a similar experience with a BB cream from a top green beauty brand. I'm not sure what it is that doesn't agree with me.
Reviewer: Langley31007
Like it!
Liked this foundation. It's different that what I am used to - usually have a more Dewey kind. This dries Matte which is fine but once it's dry forget fixing it or reapplying in one spot. It lasts all day doesn't run off easily which was nice. And doesn't be take much to get a nice coverage. as far as color, it was a little pink on me- usually use a typical light beige. Have olive undertones. Overall I will probably purchase the foundation in the future just maybe the light beige instead of this one :)
Reviewer: Dee
Excellent Foundation
There are so many great aspects to this foundation. It has no scent; it leaves a soft healthy looking matte finish on your face; it blends into your skin; it covers minor imperfections with buildable coverage and has no harmful ingredients. A real winner!
Reviewer: ecomommy
finally found what I have been looking for!
I have had an incredibly hard time finding a foundation that had a good amount of coverage and not full of nasty synthetics. Ive finally found it. I love the smooth creamy texture. It gives me great coverage without feeling heavy. My skin feels better now that I have been wearing this product. I am prone to acne so I love that its non comedogenic. Contrary to the above review I can't smell a distinct fragrance in the foundation, it smells like makeup to me. Happy to have found this company!
Reviewer: Ashuhlee
Lightweight but greasy
This is a nice foundation. It is not too thick and feels nice on. It doesn't clog the popes but it does feel greasy without powder over it
Reviewer: Isabelle
Unfortunate formula change
I used the old formula of this foundation successfully for over 10 years, unfortunately the formula has been changed adding fragrance and other ingredients which I cannot tolerate. Upon contacting the company we were given different reasons for the change, none of which made sense.

Hi Isabelle, we're sorry that you're unhappy with the formula change. The changes we made were necessary to keep our formula consistent with industry standards and to keep it performing at the highest level for our customers. Please note that the new formula does NOT have fragrance in it - none of our products have artificial fragrances or dyes. What you might be noticing is a scent of vanilla, which we are actually removing for those of our customers sensitive to the scent. Also, the new formula is still one of the simplest available on the market and is much less likely to irritate your skin than other brands.

If you haven't already, we urge you to try a free sample of a shade - just contact us at and we will be happy to send you one. Either way, we hope that you continue to enjoy other Real Purity products. Best of luck! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Tara
Awesome Foundation
I LOVE this foundation. I'm a 37 year old redhead and I live in the desert so I need something that won't dry me out or emphasize my crows feet around my eyes. I used to use Estee Lauder but I like this FAR better. I've gotten so many compliments. This foundation is fantastic. I was surprised that Soft Beige was a better match for me than Light Beige. I almost always have to go with the lightest color since I am so fair. But the Soft Beige blends right into my skin beautifully. Glad I tried the sample first. I'm ordering a full size today!
Reviewer: Lee
Easy to apply, great coverage
Thanks Real Purity for offering samples! And thanks for this great foundation! I find it easy to use, it evens out my complexion, stays on and looks natural. I am fair but not pale and have a cool skin tone. I am very happy with Soft Beige.
Reviewer: Sue
Nice coverage
I got samples of several shades to see which one I like best. They cover well without looking like a mask. You don't have to use much so it goes a long way. I love that I can buy samples of anything to try - very unique and one of the reasons I keep coming back. I didn't want to drop $26 on foundation that might be the wrong color or not blend well. It is a lovely product and I will buy more.

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