Certified Organic Stick Deodorant - High Heat

Certified Organic Stick Deodorant - High Heat




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Reviewer: Hollu
Works but doesn't last
A bit dry and sticks to the cap and tube, but workable to apply. Maybe d/t the weather not being hot enough over here 50-60s mainly. I sweat a lot regardless, works for the first couple hours, but gives you a wet feeling afterwards. Past 4-5 hrs, effect is gone and need to reapply. The smell is not too appealing to me, more like a strong scented candle that doesn't smell that good. On the bright side you can't really smell it after you apply it.
Reviewer: Meg
Wanted to love it
Well, I’ve never met a stick deodorant I liked much, but I wanted to try this since I’m such an enormous fan of the roll-on. I am a landscaper in a hot and humid environment so it am realistic about how effective natural deodorants can be against the commercial antiperspirant products - I never expect to be dry and odor-free at the end of the day, but the roll-on keeps me from being flat-out offensive. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for this stick. I found I very much like smearing a greasy citronella candle under my arms and I feel it is not as effective in controlling odor as the roll-on.
Reviewer: Fram
Floridian approved
I do not know how this high heat works like an “antiperspirant” better than any other natural deodorant my husband and I have used, it just does even in high humidity Florida summers. We will keep stocking up when on sale.
Reviewer: JS
Another Winner!
I had been using the roll-on, but was intrigued by the "High Heat" label, especially with our Texas summers. Wow--it works great! I alternate between this and the roll-on to avoid sensitivity issues.
Reviewer: Kimberly
Works well for me!
I have been using the Real Purity roll on for years and I was unsure if the stick would work as well. I gave it a try and it works great for me!
Reviewer: Mary Lynne
Doesn't work for me!
I ordered this because of the reviews and thought it would be nice to use a dry deodorant instead of the wet one you sell, but I have to say I was very disappointed with the results. I love the roll on one that you sell and I can use it in the summer heat and go dancing with it on and I don't have any problems with odor at all!! But this one is not the same, I start noticing odor by the end of the day. Going back to my favorite!!
Reviewer: Liz
Great customer service but disappointing product
I bought two deodorants. One was the lavender and the other was the high heat. For some reason the high heat deodorant is very soft I can press my finger on the top and it will indent. I contacted customer service and they sent me another one. Unfortunately the second one does the exact same thing. When you try to apply it it just smooches into a thick mess. The lavender deodorant is fine. It will not indent if I press my finger on the top. I think the addition of beeswax or something to keep it firm would be helpful. Maybe the changed the formula after some reviews said it needed a few applications to loosen up. That is definitely not the case now.i gave it two stars only because customer service was good.
Reviewer: SAS
Works Great!
I have been looking for a deodorant that is affective with ingredients I can read and recognize. I finally found it with High Heat. I sweat even in the winter much less the summer. This deodorant stands up to keeping me from smelling. Great product from a company I trust. I am very satisfied!
Reviewer: cam
great product
Have been using this for about a month. It works nice and light scent. I have tried others and they didn't work as well and didn't smell so good after being on for a day. Will continue to buy.
Reviewer: RPShopper
I love this deodorant! Have used the roll on for years, but love having a stick deodorant. Initially, it goes on a little hard, but softens right up!! Thank you RP I always prefer a stick option, especially one that is certified organic!!

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