Health Glow Cream Foundation: Misty Rose

Health Glow Cream Foundation: Misty Rose




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Reviewer: Happy
Very pleased with the coverage of this product I ordered a sample to make sure that I would like to color it is perfect. I'll definitely order this again.
Reviewer: Judy
I submitted a five star review yesterday. Wonderful product...
Reviewer: Judy
The jury is in. I was finally able to wear real purity misty rose. I love love it! Color is perfect for me. I am cool coloring, very fair and the pink gives me just the perk I need. Easy to apply, little needed, and in convenient pump glass bottle. Not one itch or burning sensation. This is a miracle since I seem to be allergic to everything. I wear this over the zinc sunscreen which I have already raved about. Absolutely delighted and highly recommended. Customer service is lovely and very responsive. A real winner here, ladies. Thank you, Real Purity.;
Reviewer: Ruuhzoo
Best Makeup
The make-up is tops for natural ingredients and not chemicals. It covers well and holds up well. My only gripe is the change in packaging, where now when the makeup gets below the plunger stem you can't get anymore out short of breaking the bottle. Like the old packaging better.
Reviewer: Tmarie
I have very mild rosacea, and this foundation has not irritated my skin. And it's cruelty free.
Reviewer: Cochese321
Good product
I loved this product until this last order. This last order cannot be put on my nose as it makes my nose itch - different fragrance? New formula? I don't know. And I do not like this new pump bottle. After the first use, it clogs and shoots out sideways. And there is still a LOT if product left in the bottle when it stops pumping. As much as I like the product, I will be looking for a replacement in a more usable bottle.
Reviewer: Jeanie
Great product
I’ve tried several “healthy” foundations and this is my favorite. Since discovering I’ve probably purchased it about 7 times now. I wish it had some SPF so I started adding a layer of SPF when applying otherwise I’d give it 5 stars. (I’m 55 and live in Florida.)
Reviewer: J
The foundation presents with a white sheen that may look chic on a younger woman but I am 82 and it looks silly. The price I pay for not getting samples first. Very light coverage.
Reviewer: Elle
Good Product
I just received it a couple days ago and I have to say what I liked and disliked: I like that it was very light and it absorbed into my skin (unlike the previous foundation that just stayed on) however, the Rose colour was a bit too much on my skin. I think I'll try a different colour next time but I did buy it because it's more suitable for pinky complexions, which I have. It sort of makes my skin look like I'm tanned (which I wasn't really going for). Another thing is that it says it "may contain titanium dioxide" which I wasn't too happy about - but at least it's cruelty-free.
Reviewer: Elisabeth
Ten star product!
I've used the foundation for about 5 years now. Consistent high quality. Highly recommend your product line to my family and friends.

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