Men's Stick Deodorant

Men's Stick Deodorant


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Reviewer: Mary
Works well, smell is strong
I bought this for my husband, as I have been using Real Purity’s roll on for years. He says it works really well, but the smell is really strong. It’s not bad, just strong. Bottom line, my husband likes it & it works!
Reviewer: Nicholas
I get components all the time with this deodorant!! Every day someone says what is your cologne it smells so good. I say that's my Real Purity natural deodorant!!!
Reviewer: Em
Smells like chewing gum
The smell is unpleasant and I was aware of it for hours after I applied it. I didn't find this product to be effective.

Hi Em,

Sorry this product did not work for you! We would recommend trying a sample/travel size of the High Heat. It may be a better fit for you.


Real Purity
Reviewer: Chuckles
Loving it. Day 3. Impressed by all aspects of the product.
Highly impressed. Find the scent exciting and enticing. Enjoying it so much that I just ordered the other scents in this product collection.
Reviewer: Rangerfan
Seems to work, time will tell
I have been using this product for only 1 week now. So far it seems to be working all right, but the minty smell takes getting used to. It's too early for me to give it a good review.
Reviewer: Kevin
Works good
My wife bought this product for me. She uses all Real Purity products. I was skeptical at first because I work outside every day. She likes the smell and it keeps me odor free all day.
Reviewer: Jason C.
Works well, but not a great scent
The deodorant (not antiperspirant) seems to work, but not a scent I prefer. My fiancé likes it, but it has a menthol smell (think Bengay).
Reviewer: Mary
My boys love it!
My husband and son absolutely love this deodorant. Within a couple of days my sons cronic rash under his arms was gone! Completely gone! And he thought he was using a healthier choice of deodorant before discovering Real Purity. Thank you Real Purity for an excellent usual. We love all your products....
Reviewer: TJ
Excellent strength, ingredients, & scent
First bought this at Whole Foods but they stopped carrying because if the price. So worth it though as I've tried many others that don't match this blends quality.
Reviewer: Willy
OK, but stains your shirts
The Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant is the only natural deodorant that works for men. Sadly, my girlfriend doesn't like the scent of the Roll On. This stick deodorant is extremely strong-smelling, though not bad. Unfortunately, it stains your shirts, so all your shirts look like they have big sweat stains. The stain doesn't wash out, and neither does the scent. Real Purity, I appreciate your efforts to create natural products. I hope you will create another men's stick deodorant that doesn't have these problems. Thank you.

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