Dr. Rich's Magnesium Oil Spray

Dr. Rich's Magnesium Oil Spray




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Reviewer: Barb
Magnesium spray
Poor packaging! Bottles were in a plastic bag and leaked. Also I expected a larger size product. Didn't notice any relief with this.
Reviewer: Auntie M
Preferred Products
Have used several magnesium sprays, and tried this when someone recommended it. It is the best spray mag I've ever used. I use it routinely to prevent cramping, which is brought on by overuse of walking with only one working leg.
Reviewer: AngieC
It works
I have moderate arthritis in my neck. Whenever, the humidity or barometric pressure is high I am in pain. Especially, when under stress. I spray it about four times minimum on the back of my neck and upper shoulders at the start of the day & it really does keep my muscles a lot more relaxed!!! Therefore, less less pain!!!
Reviewer: Leelee
The tightness in my back just melts away!! Helps me sleep better too.
Reviewer: MuscleGirl
Awesome Product
This product is amazing. I have a magnesium deficiency that causes muscle contractions and migraines and this spray works really well to spot treat muscle spasms, so I can sleep.
Reviewer: Carol
I have been using this product for a couple of years--there's nothing like it! I've shared it with others who have aches and pains, and they have become fans, too :-) Because it's a spray, and because it's pure and natural, (1) bottle lasts a long time---what a great value.
Reviewer: ekim
great product & so simple
works great for aches & pains, even leg cramps-especially when I don't have the time to take an epsom salt bath. also like it as a means for supplementing my magnesium levels instead of taking oral pills.
Reviewer: northstar
a vital staple in my medicine cabinet
I spray this regular on my neck & chest to help support my low thyroid issues as well as spray it on my calves if I have issues with muscle cramps. Find this a better alternative than using oral supplementation. Having the option to timely localize the application makes all the difference for me.
Reviewer: TualatinGirl
Great idea to have Magnesium Oil Spray
Me and my husband went through this small spray bottle fast. That was the only bad part. We both liked to use it at night before going to bed. I am hoping the Magnesium oil spray helps with aches & pains from fibromyalgia issues. I think gluten destroyed my gut and I've been nutritionally deficient for quite some time. This is a great way to get more magnesium into the body. Warning: just don't use after you shave your legs at least for a couple days.
Reviewer: Sun One
Great Stuff
I am practice hot yoga, and use this before and after my sessions! I also use it before and after running. No electrolyte imbalance blah feeling afterwards! Thanks for making such a great product.

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