Health Glow Cream Foundation: Light Beige

Health Glow Cream Foundation: Light Beige


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Reviewer: Loyal user
Loved the Previous Formula
The new formula smells awful and makes my skin breakout. I loved the old formula. Simple and effective. Please bring it back. Thanks
Reviewer: Celtic Mary
If it's not broken, why fix it!?
I still had some of the original formula left, but it is getting low. I am so terribly disheartened to see that you changed the formula completely. I have rosacea, and this was the only makeup I was ever able to use.
Reviewer: Kathy J
Love the coverage
I would call this foundation a medium coverage. It will cover a blemish with no issue. Definately not heavy. Leaves a dewey finish so if you like a matte finish you will need a powder. I don't have any issues with it staying put all day but Im not a sweater. Smoothes on very nicely. I like the look of the new bottle but I don't purchase products based on what they look like. For the clean ingredients, I think the price is very reasonable, my old foundation was full of crap was more expensive. You get what you pay for.
Reviewer: donnalaueen
Disappointed in new bottle
Glad they changed to glass from plastic. However, there is much less product for the same price. I have had a bad experience on 2 occasions with the nozzle clogging. A good push and the product squirted droplets 2 feet unto the wall and countertop. I wrote the company and their response was I should cap my product and wipe the tip. Been there, done that. Next step I guess is insert a toothpick in the hole to keep it from clogging! Won’t be buying it again, which is too bad, since the product is good.
Reviewer: Irene P.
My favorite makeup
I will only use this foundation. This foundation doesn't mess with the mild case of Rocesa I have.
Reviewer: Karoline
Great foundation
I really like this foundation. I personally don't mind the reformulation, though I haven't been using it as long as other customers. I can see what people are saying about it rubbing off, because I don't really feel like there's any left on my face by the end of the day. But it is so kind to my skin that I don't find I really need a lot of coverage anymore anyway. I don't use it for special events because it is so light, but it is great for everyday.

I also actually really like the glass bottle. It's a bummer that there is less foundation in it for sure, but I think it's easier to get out than the previous packaging and easier to tell how much I have left. Also I find 1-2 pumps is perfectly portioned.
Reviewer: Tem
Very unhappy with new formula/packaging
I've been using Real Purity foundation for years and loved it -- which is why I'm incredibly disappointed with this new reformulation of the product. The glass bottle makes it more difficult to get the makeup out (the makeup seems thicker, so you're forced to use an awkward applicator wand to get it out of the bottle) -- and the bottle contains less makeup for virtually the same price. The new formula also has a faint smell to it that I don't like and it feels different on my skin. I'm seriously disappointed and will be shopping elsewhere in the future.


Were sorry you're having some issues with the product!

There is no applicator wand, the bottle is an airless pump bottle. This will prevent any contamination into the product.

Best Regards,

Real Purity.
Reviewer: KD
Like the foundation but not the bottle
I've been using this foundation for a few years. I wouldn't if I didn't like it. What I don't like is the glass bottle. Usually, glass is an upgrade from plastic. I, however, much prefer the old packaging. Otherwise, thanks for making a great foundation.
Reviewer: JoJo
New but not improved
I just go the new and improved foundation yesterday. First of all, I love the new container. I was worried about the product freezing and the glass breaking before I got it from the mailbox, though. It seems this product has gone through several changes. I prefer the original formula which allowed my skin to look beautifully natural. The latest formula seemed a lot drier than the last time I ordered. As a result of it being drier, this foundation was harder to spread on my face and took more of the product. I purchased this product on sale this time, but in the future it will be more expensive to use as the glass container is smaller than the previous plastic one and it takes more of this formula per each use. Please, bring back the original formula.
Reviewer: Alyson
Nice foundation, now too pricey
I've loved this foundation but see now that while they've "dropped" the price by a dollar, they've also decreased the quantity from 1.5 oz to 1 oz. I think that's a little shady, switching bottles and trying to make it look like the cost decreased, to those who aren't watchful for these things. I get it, you're in it for profit, but $31 an oz is getting a bit much. As I work through this bottle I'll be sampling other brands for a replacement...

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