Health Glow Cream Foundation: Honey Beige

Health Glow Cream Foundation: Honey Beige


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Reviewer: Patsgirlforever
Good foundation
I like this foundation but I don't like the container. The bottle is tiny and difficult to get product out of, thus there is a lot of waste. The old container was much better plus it was more product for less. When they raised the price for less product I was extremely disappointed and still am.
Reviewer: pam
Health Glow Cream Foundation: Honey Beige
i love this foundation. smooth and creamy and medium coverage. i've been using it for years. i don't like the pump glass container. i prefer the squeeze tube, that is why i gave it 4 stars.
Reviewer: Emily
Best foundation ever! I have used it for years!!
Best foundation ever! I have used it for years!
Reviewer: Sandee
I adore this, but cannot use due to ingredient change
I really liked this product and while in the USA would order doubles. I moved back here in Canada but found out sadly you now have xantham gum in the ingredient list and that is derived from corn. I am allergic to that. Here to me hoping that you would eventually bring a different line for those with ultra sensitive skin with minimal ingredients. I must have been one of few who actually liked the original formulation.
Reviewer: Sandee
Xantham gum - why??
I used to order the cream foundation before the formula was changed. This formula would have been perfect if not for the xantham gum - derived from corn most likely. I am sad to say that I have had to look elsewhere for a foundation.
Reviewer: Kim
Love It!!!
This foundation is the best by far! I have tried so many brands and you will not find a better product that has good ingredients that you don't have to worry about putting on you skin. I purchased the honey beige. Its actually lighter than I expected but its great for medium skin tones, with some warmth in it. It makes my faces look airbrushed and doesn't settle into any fine lines or crack. Its awesome.!! I wish it was available in a local whole foods near me, but I will never use anything else!
Reviewer: Smokey Joe
Best on the Market
No comparison at any level, for any price in any country.
Reviewer: becca
much improved packaging!!
so no, this formula isn't the same as what it was before, buuuuut it's still cleaner than any other foundation out there AND works as well! i followed another reviewer's suggestions and found shaking it to be so helpful. and this new jar omg! so much easier to use than before. just gotta be gentle with the pump. thank u rp!!
Reviewer: So sad
No longer vegan
I have been using real purity products for a long time, around 8 years. So sad to see that the new formulation has marine collagen and from what research I have done, it is non vegan. Time to move to a different product:(

Hello there! We wanted to let you know that the marine collagen ingredient you see is plant-based and is indeed vegan. If you have any follow-up questions about this ingredient or others in the formula, please feel free to reach out to us at If this changes your desired rating for this item, you can also let us know there and we will be happy to update it. Thank you! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Agree with Loveitbefore
I too have been using this product for several years. I was impressed with the simple formulation and great color. I had originally found this product through EWG's Skin Deep. I will be looking elsewhere for another product because of the change in formulation. Not an improvement from my perspective.

Hi there, we're sorry to hear that you're disappointed in the changes; however, due to a variety of factors these are changes we needed to make. Although we believe that this is still one of the simplest foundation formulas on the market, if you do find a formula elsewhere that is simpler than this, please let us know. We always welcome customer feedback. Thank you! -The Real Purity Team

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