Health Glow Cream Foundation: Caramel

Health Glow Cream Foundation: Caramel


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Reviewer: Penny
Caramel is my color
Although there is not a lot of coverage this foundation is light and natural. A great product.
Reviewer: Sally
Greenish Tint
I was disappointed with this color because I was hoping that it would be a combination of the Beige and the Summer Glow that I had been mixing together before this color came out. This caramel color has a greenish tint that did not match my caucasian complexion at all.

Hi Sally! If you aren't sure what the best color for you might be currently, please reach out to Connie, our Makeup Consultant, at She'll be more than happy to help you figure out the best shade (or shade combo) and get some new samples sent out to you. Thanks! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Sunny
Amazing and Super natural!! Beautiful shades for dark skin tones.
Love this product. Have to order it from UK which is a shame as I can't find it here. Spent ages searching on the net as I didn't think a foundation like this existed!! Thank you so much for creating this product especially one that matches my South Asian skin tone... I love Caramel, Summer glow, Tropical and Spice for different seasons. I get complements all the time. I really, really wish you would sell in UK.
Reviewer: Nikky
Not enough coverage
Well with all the rave reviews, I purchased the Caramel crme foundation. I am a brown/carmel skin toned "caribbean/black" person and I don't find that this product is for that ethnicity. It was not thick enough; hence not covering blemishes/spots entirely.
Reviewer: NP
Great foundation without nasty ingredients
This is a great foundation, very easy to apply, provides decent coverage and no nasty ingredients. Please bring it back in stock!

-> Hi NP, we are working on it! We should have it back in stock soon. Thank you for your patience! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Dee
Nice light natural foundation
For a natural liquid foundation this gives good coverage. Most of the natural liquid foundations are so light they give very little coverage. It also gives your skin a nice glow which the name implies. Great color for summer!
Reviewer: Kristin
My favorite foundation!
I spent a long time searching for a foundation without harmful chemicals that also matches my skin color. After an incredibly difficult and long search, I finally found Real Purity Health Glow Foundation in Caramel and I will never use anything else! It really is contributing to the health of my skin, instead of making my skin break out like conventional foundations. My only fear is that Caramel might be getting discontinued since they keep putting it on sale, where other colors aren't. PLEASE don't discontinue Caramel!
Reviewer: ml
Great product
I love this product. The foundation goes on easily, and is a great color for my medium olive skin. I have a hard time finding foundations that work color wise because they are either too light or too dark, but this one is really nice.
Reviewer: Sally
Very natural color for my skin and fantastic quality!
Reviewer: Susan
I have ordered mascara, foundation, blush with just the color choices on the site, and totally pleased. The product keeps its color and stays on great.

Never looks anything but natural, yet good coverage. Never streaky after long hot day.

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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