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Reviewer: Aimee
Not Happy :(
My skin is on the drier side and a powdered blush makes my skin look flat. I've been using other cream blushes and even lipsticks which have worked out great giving me a fresh, natural dewy look, but this is dry-looking and not easy to blend. It makes my cheeks look ruddy as if I have rosacea but I don't (my skin is smooth and not bumpy or flakey). I was going to try the Pink or the Berry but I've gotten samples of that in the past and they were too pigmented. After reading a review that said the Cinnamon is "pink" not brown I figured it would be more of a natural pink-brown, not brown or brown-pink but it just looks ruddy, blotchy, and rosacea-red.
Reviewer: Angie
Love it.
This blush gives you a beautiful natural glow. a little goes a long way. I also use it on my lips as a base color, and put gloss over it.
Reviewer: Mary
Love it
I almost did not but this because I thought it might be hard to use a blush with my fingers. Not the case. Easy to apply, easy to blend, looks beautiful on. I have medium to medium light skin and it looked perfect on. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Dee
Like the Cinnamon Cream Blush
This is a pretty, natural looking blush that I think would compliment any skin tone. I like the creaminess and ease of blending. It is totally fragrance free which is a big plus for me. I only wish that it was made without wheat.
Reviewer: fargogal
Love this blush
i absolutely love these cream blushes. They are easy to apply, and smooth in to make a natural looking blush. It doesn't seem to matter what shade of color you use, you can blend it in and it looks so natural. The best blush I have ever used!!!
Reviewer: Marion
Nice and creamy
I got this blush last week and was very excited to try it. I agree with other reviewers that the texture is great and the blush goes on smoothly and blends easily. However, I had to downgrade one star because this is NOT a brownish cinnamon color at all--it is very pink. The color as shown on the screen does not look even close to what is in the compact itself. Since I need a browner base tone in a blush, I'll probably end up giving this to someone who's happier with a pinker look. (I would have gotten the sample size first to assess the color, but when I was ordering they were all out, so I took the risk to just order it based on the description. Bad choice!) So bottom line: I would recommend this, but make sure try the sample before you buy to make sure you get a color that works.
Reviewer: true Beauty
Love it!!
Creme Blushes

I have to admit that this is my first encounter with a blush of any sort. I am pretty much a makeup virgin at this point, but I’m getting my feet wet and it was pretty fun trying out the samples.

Creme Blush in Cinnamon: This is a creme blush so it was pretty “creamy” for lack of a better word. It is like a burgundy color which gave my cheeks a nice flush of red which I appreciated since I now can see how blush can make such a difference on a bare face.

Creme Blush in Pink: When applying this to the apples of my cheeks I was immediately like whoa! This blush is on the pigmented side so I had to do a lot of blending to get the look I desired because being new to makeup kind of makes me shy away from bold colors for now. So with this blush a little goes a looooong way but it did give my cheeks a light rush of pink due to a very light hand . It actually turned out to be very pretty and I think I may be purchasing a full size.

Creme Blush in Berry: Whoosh! This one is highly, highly pigmented. It is a very deep red color and I do recommend you have a very light hand with this one. Since I am a newbie I was immediately alittle scared off by this color but after looking for awhile it did start to grow on me and appeared quite feminine and dare I say, gorgeous.
Reviewer: Suzy's
I love it!
This blush makes my skin look younger and I've just exercised! I love knowing there is nothing harmful in the ingredients !!
Reviewer: Cheri Easterling
I love this creme blush! It feels wonderful on my skin!
Reviewer: TXTONYA
Berry Bluxh
This blush is awesome. I bought it over 5 years ago and just now needing to reorder. I don't wear makeup everyday but a few times a week. A little goes a long way and blends in nice and smoothly. I also like the Cinnamon color too.

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