Lip Gloss (Berry Kiss) Sample Size

Lip Gloss (Berry Kiss) Sample Size


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Reviewer: alohajoha
Bad reformulation.
I used to own the old version of this and the bronze/natural version. I loved the old version's subtle, healthy coloring, as well as the texture and subtle taste. The new formula is a bit more slippery, has slightly different pigment, and smells noticeably artificial/plastic-y. It also doesn't last on your lips as long as the old version. Gave me a headache and acne around my lips which almost never happens. I felt it get onto my upper lip and quickly wiped it away, but within a few hours I was breaking out. This tells me the sucrose is probably from GMO sugarbeet sugar. I used to swear by this stuff but I won't be repurchasing this anymore. I'm sad because it's hard to find a decent titanium-free lip gloss these days.

Hi there alohajoha! We have not reformulated this product and it is still the same formula that we have always made, but if it no longer works for you, we're sorry to hear that. Best of luck in finding an alternative! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Dee
Replacement Sample
I want to thank Rachael Pfenninger, Marketing VP at Real Purity and their team members for their quick response to my issue with the previous sample of Berry Kiss lip gloss. They do care about their customers. 5 stars for them!

My review for the lip gloss is that it is a very pretty berry color that would be flattering on almost everyone. It smells wonderful, is moisturizing and tastes good with no bad ingredients. It is quite shiny and the color doesn't last as long as I would like but then it is a lip gloss.
Reviewer: Dee
Unusable Sample
Very disappointed in this sample! When I received the sample there was just a light coating of the lip gloss on the bottom and sides of the sample jar. It looks like it had been used with a faint hint of a fingerprint on the inside of the lid. I am afraid to try it on my lips for sanitary reasons. It looks like a pretty color, although a little greasy and it smells good but I can't tell how it will look on my face. I know it's just a sample but I paid $1.50 for this?!?

Hi Dee, I apologize that you aren't happy with the sample size. We can assure you that the product itself has not been touched and we use sanitary tools to fill each container, so there should be no cleanliness concern. As surprising as it may be, because we make these for our customers, $1.50 allows us to simply break even on each sample. We'd also like to mention that the size of the sample is simply intended to give you 1-2 uses to trial the shade and any potential allergic reaction (which we mention on the samples page). If you felt you didn't get a chance to sample the product properly, please email us at with your request, reason and order # and we'd be happy to resend it. Thank you for your understanding, and best of luck! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Bobbi
much too dark for me.
I thought this lip gloss would wind up to be a bright shade of pink. it wasn't...kind of looked like a deep pink, but much too dark for me. I'm glad I ordered a sample first.
Reviewer: Michele
Pretty colors
Thank you Real Purity for making a lipgloss in beautiful colors that is not full of toxins! Makes my lips feel hydrated with just a touch of lovely color. I will definitely be buying the full size product when my sample runs out!
Reviewer: True Beauty
Love This Company!!
So, I purchased some samples from Real Purity (shipping was lightning fast) and overall I was pretty impressed and I walked away wanting to purchase quite a few full size products after receiving and testing out the samples. Gosh, don’t you just love samples though? Any company that has the option of purchasing sample sizes to test out are complete geniuses. I mean, long gone are the days where experimenting with new products meant losing a ton of money in the process. Member the days where you just had to take your chances or rely on your friends half a– opinion of a product? Well, not anymore! I love samples.

Lip Gloss Berry Kiss: I absolutely loved how this lip gloss applied to my lips. It is a bit on the greasy side so no need to be heavy handed with this product because it is super glossy. I really loved the tint that this lip gloss gave my lips and I am definitely going to buy the full size product. The gloss seemed a bit thick because a little went a long way, but I swear I could feel my lips absorbing the gloss and the moisture it gave living the lip gloss a little less visible.
Reviewer: Tani
I tried this as a sample. It's a pretty gloss (and tastes good, too) but didn't stay on long enough for me.
Reviewer: snaggy
great! doesnt make my lips feel chapped.
feels good on, and nice color! I expected to like mauve better, but like this better as it turns out. I will certainly buy it.

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