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Berry Kiss Lip Gloss


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Reviewer: Rejoice
Colour doesn’t show up, not moisturizing, sticky.
Reviewer: Suzi
Berry Kiss Lip gloss
I love this lip gloss. I use it for lips and cheeks. It as a very subtle color. It is wonderful to use either before or after a lipstick to give more polish and moisture. I am sensitive to most makeup and tolerate this one well and love the flavor !
Reviewer: Katie E
Nice color but ripped off with amount
I like the color and taste of this lip gloss. However, it almost seems like it's barely filled with anything. I have to scrape the sides to get anything, the first time I used it! It's bizarre. I feel really ripped off with the amount of gloss that is actually in it. I don't expect this to last very long.

Hi Katie E,

I'm sorry you're having some trouble!

Feel free to call the office and we can try and help or send a replacement.


Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Angie
Soft and subtle
It's soft, subtle and moisturizing. I use it over a base layer of Real purity lipstick to give it more sheen.
Reviewer: Berry Kiss Lip Gloss
HAD to have the full size after sampling!
I ordered a sample of this fantastic lip gloss in January mainly because it was FREE, but I am so happy I did! It has quickly become a fave and I just HAD to have the full size! Moisturizing, perfect pink color, smells and tastes great! I will be buying for many years to come...
Reviewer: Netty
Not at all what I expected :(
I bought this gloss because it was the pick of the month by the Real Purity "make-up artist", and I don't know if I just got a bad one, but my Berry Kiss Lip Gloss had very little pigment. Not pink, not red, just kind of a subtle, barely there color. Also, the ingredients say "Natural Strawberry Flavor". I would like to know what the actual "Natural Flavor" is...when I see that as an ingredient at the grocery store, I run because it could be ANYTHING! Finally, the smell reminds me of the cheap lip glosses that kids use. Not really a "strawberry" smell but more of a strawberry shortcake, fake smell. I'm SO disappointed! Finally, it is NOT long lasting. I put it on and 10 minutes later it was gone without doing much of anything! Again, I must have received a bad one because others seem to like it, and I know that Real Purity has a good name. I've purchased other products and been very happy.
Reviewer: Slendergal
Great shine
and it tastes good and it's pure, so need to worry
Reviewer: Nicole
beautiful and long-lasting
The colors are both beautiful and long lasting. I opted for samples (which are generous) of each to try them out. I thought I would prefer Mauve instead of Berry Kiss, but I prefer the Berry Kiss. Berry is not as bright as you would think, it is pink but not bright pink. Mauve is a deep red color.

Best part about these is I didn't get hives or a rash or something equally uncomfortable. I would love a clear lip gloss, hint hint! Thanks Real Purity!
Reviewer: Joanie
been ordering for years
i've been ordering this lip gloss for years and I love it!
Reviewer: Ramya
Good natural lip balm
Very good natural lip gloss. Berry color suits my olive complexion well. I use a creamy lip balm as base for more moisture. Not very long lasting. But has not been an issue.

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