Sable Brown Mascara

Sable Brown Mascara




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Reviewer: Sally
Great color for redheads
Like many of the users who have reviewed this product, I am a natural redhead. Especially as I age, the black/brown mascaras are too harsh for my skin tone. It goes on smoothly and doesn't clump. I love this mascara.
Reviewer: Joni
Great color for blonds
Have always had a hard time trying to find a light enough brown mascara that doesn’t overpower my light skin tone and hair color. This is a lovely color that looks very natural and not too dark.
Reviewer: Heather
Great mascara for eyebrows
I am a redhead (henna) and have white eyebrows. I am using this as the first in two steps to create beautiful eyebrows that last all day. The second step is an eyebrow powder and brush. I highly recommend this product.
Reviewer: BB
Disappointed with my color choice
I ordered this and the navy mascara for variety, but after trying them both, I can’t see that I will actually use this color. It’s just not for me. I am very happy with the navy and will absolutely re-order it.
Reviewer: Cara
I LOVE This Mascara!
I adore this mascara. I am a redhead and it is so hard to find a color that works. This color is beautiful! (The picture online is true to the actual color.) The formula and wand are great. I do use the Clear (Prime & Lengthen) Mascara by Real Purity first (which I recommend) and only need one coat of this afterwards. Yay! :-)
Reviewer: dancingcat
Mascara came without the part that controls how much product is on the brush when you pull it out of the tube. Emailed the company for a replacement but have not heard back yet. I do like this mascara but this tube slipped past quality control.
Reviewer: Blondie
Color Dye
Some how the color dye itself got into my eyes and turned them yellow. At first I thought I became jaundice. I stopped using the mascara and after about the 2nd day my eyes turned back to white.
Reviewer: Paula
Love the Color!!
How refreshing to FINALLY find a color mascara that matches my complexion! I love the reddish tinge in the sable brown. The brush is perfect too! Not oversized for a horse's eyelashes. l Have been to the most expensive stores in the city looking for just the thing and all I ever find are dark mascara's with ridiculous brushes on them that made me look like a clown...even blue, green and purple colors are to be easily found...but nothing for me. Do they have a clue?
Reviewer: Judles
Nice product
I have only used this one day and so far I like it. The color is a little too reddish brown, that’s why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. But I just swiped once with a black brown mascara and that took care of it. I wanted a product that showed my lashes, not clumps and this worked out nicely. I have been using a lash boosting product from another company that has really lengthened my lashes but I’m fair skinned with light hair so you can’t see how long they are. so I just need a mascara to darken with a little more length. Most mascaras are so clumpy, and this one makes my lashes look very natural. A little more expensive than regular mascara, but I think it’s worth it. I will look into some of their other cosmetics now that I have found this company. I like the idea of the pure and natural products.
Reviewer: dennydee
so far so good
I have been looking for a light brown mascara and this one fits the bill. I have sensitive eyes and don't seem to have a problem with this organic product. I am not 100% sold on the wand though.

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