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Reviewer: Sandee
Love the color
I love the navy color of this brings out the blue in my eyes without being the bright blue of other mascara...I think it would also be a good color for us more mature women...not so harsh as we age
Reviewer: Donna Lee
Makes my blue-gray eyes pop! I like the thickness of the brush. easy to use on my deep-set eyes.
Reviewer: Rose
Love this mascara!
I have used this product the last 3 years and love the color. Just got a new tube of it and the brush did a good job of separating the lashes - which in the past could sometimes be a problem. It makes my hazel eyes look great!
Reviewer: I liked the mascara.
Love the color, don't love the wand.
While I really do like the mascara, I am not so sure about the wand. The brush is too thick for a wand as short as this one is, and I found it difficult to use. In fact, it left a lot of mascara on my eyelids - more than any other mascara has. I will buy it again, but hope that you come out with a slightly smaller brush.
Reviewer: RPShopper
I like this. No issues with the brush. I tried the brown/black first and wanted something a bit more interesting. The blue color is subtle. Goes on well and wears nicely. It can flake a little by the end of the day but no big deal for me, Powder on the lashes and under the lower lash line helps.
Reviewer: hnh
does not irritate my sensitive eyes
I'm glad I finally found a mascara that is all natural, blue, and does not irritate my sensitive eyes as other mascaras have in the past. I do wish that the brush was shaped differently, as I find that application is a bit challenging.

Hi Hali,

We will be launching a new tube and brush very soon.

Best Regards,

Real Purity
Reviewer: RadicalS
Ok product
I was excited to purchase this after all of the great reviews, but I was a little disappointed after trying it out. The navy color is very subtle which I like. I do not like the brush though. I agree with another reviewer who said it makes your lashes kind of clump together; it doesn't really separate them. The mascara does flake a bit too which is really bothersome to me. I do love that it is a healthier alternative to the main stream, store-bought mascaras. I may buy this again maybe if the formulation changes.
Reviewer: Reli
Navy Blue Mascara
Have been looking for a Navy Blue Mascara for quit some time. I at one time could find it in any cosmetic section of most stores. For some reason no one carry it anymore. I am so happy with my purchase. Will order again.
Reviewer: Georgia
The best mascara ever!
I wanted navy blue organic mascara and found it here. I am so happy with the mascara. It stays on, feels good on and is the only mascara I have tried that does not Smear!! Great product!
Reviewer: Mary
Love it!
Finally! A Mascara that does not irritate my eyes. It goes on beautifully, feels great, looks great! I will never purchase any Mascara but this one. I love the blue too.

Items 11 to 20 of 42 total

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