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Reviewer: Love it!
Works Well!
I really like this product! It's a light hold and works great! Much rather use a natural product versus an aerosol.
Reviewer: MK
Wouldn't recommend it
This was a very disappointing purchase and I'd neither recommend this product nor buy it again. As many others state, the sprayer on the bottle is terrible. It drenches your hair in a stream of product and left my hair crunchy and clumpy and dry. Awful. I put some of the product into a proper bottle with a regular mist spray and that helps, but the product itself still leaves hair very crunchy and very dry. It's not at all a "medium hold." Calling it strong hold or extra strong would be far more accurate. And for an alcohol-free spray, it's still somehow way more drying to my hair than "traditional" hairsprays with alcohol.

Additionally, while this is definitely fragrance-free, its odor smells like a combination of paint and sour milk. It looks beige and murky, which also makes it feel like paint and sour milk.

It's nice that this company sells trial sizes, but the astronomical shipping on the trial sizes negates what could be a useful way to try a new product. It does NOT cost $6 to ship a 2oz or 3oz bottle, and this is an infuriating markup, leaving the consumer better off buying the full size. But don't buy the full size. Or the trial size. Unscented products for sensitive skin and allergies are hard to find, but skip Real Purity and shop elsewhere.
Reviewer: Naneki
Still Working With It
I sprayed the product on my straight hair style (I have fine hair, but lots of it; shoulder length) and it just wet it down, no real hold. The next time I washed my hair, I decided to scrunch it, since my hair has some wave to it. I used the hair spray to set the waves, as they dried. That worked better. I think that this spray is not the best for straighter styles, as it flattens the blowout. Waiver or curlier styles work better. I would not order this product again. Too bad, as I was trying not to use an aerosol product, but will probably go back to using one, since it gives me the volume and hold that I want.
Reviewer: Dry Thinning Fine Hair
Best Hair Spray I have Ever Used
I have only used the product once. I was concerned about the milky, unclear pale yellow gold color of the ingredients but was reassured by you that the product is this color and that the bottle I rec'd had not expired. It is the best hair spray I have ever used - not sticky or hard - it leaves hair with soft, natural perfect Babyliss hot heating curls from sun up to sun down. Most of all because I cannot use bad hair product alcohols, chemicals, synthetics, unnatural fragrance and other bad ingredients, it was a blessing to finally fine a hair spray that met this criteria. Thank you!
Reviewer: Joy
Like this hairspray
Really like this hairspray. Is medium hold , not super hold. Great with the new sprayer.
It does seem to dry my hair, otherwise the best, safe spray I found. Of course it had a slight odor, but I inhale, spray, and move away. :):)
Reviewer: M. J.
Same pump, but the spray is perfect for my fine hair
I also transferred some of the contents of my previous bottle into another sprayer, which was better but still clogs. I plan to try another spray bottle to deliver the product in a more uniform spray. Still, the formula works well with my fine, short hair...doesn't weigh it down, and it doesn't make my hair feel dirty even when I go several days between washings.
Reviewer: bhw
great spray, lousy sprayer
definitely a 5 star except for the sprayer, and I note that I'm not the only reviewer who says so! I love that it's fragrance free and no alcohol. Glad I hadn't thrown away the spray bottle for the other brand I liked that was discontinued. Um, Real Purity, have you thought about changing the spray bottle in light of the comments??
Reviewer: CJC
Great spray, not sticky. Easily brushes out of hair. Good holding power although I wish it held a bit stronger in the wind, but then it might be too sticky to brush out. Does not seem to build up on my hair which i like.
Reviewer: Laurie
I like this hair spray because there is no alcohol and no scent. The only thing I didn't like was the sprayer. Problem solved! I had a purse sized hair spray bottle and filled that! Works like a charm!!
Reviewer: Rach
Can't seem to figure this one out...
The spraying is intense. There's no mist involved here lol It's just like getting hosed at so do a few test sprays to get a feel for it.
I think maybe its the conditioning oils in it that make it very heavy.
I'm shocked that people say it's fragrance free because it smells good but strong to me.
I do like this spray, I like knowing that I'm not inhaling who knows what and I will continue to use it but just know there is a learning curve to getting the hang of what you need.

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