Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Conditioner - Now 33% Bigger!

Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Conditioner - Now 33% Bigger!




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Reviewer: TCC
Leaves hair soft and shiny
I started using this a long with Real Purity's shampoos (nourishing and Baby). Leaves hair wonderfully soft and healthy. My hair is shiny and feels better than when I was using harsher products. Bottle should last while. Would definitely repurchase when mine is out!
Reviewer: TC
Leaves hair soft
Very nice, softening
Reviewer: Aimee
Not Happy :(
A friend of mine gave me the smaller bottle of this less than a year ago. She said it was too moisturizing for her hair and when I used it my curly hair was shiny and new again. I finally decided to buy some and was thrilled that it was offered in a larger size. All I can say is that the formula must have changed or I got a bad bottle of this because no matter how much I rinsed it left a sticky film to my hair. My hair stuck to my head all day long at work and it felt like I had a helmet on my head. It took all the curls out and gave me pimples on the sides of my head in the hairline area... and I don't normally get pimples. In fact, I haven't had one in the past 8 years of my life! I've tried this 3 more times with the same results and now have a total of 6 pimples on the left side of my head and 3 on the right. Sorry for my brutal honesty, but it is what it is.
Reviewer: Sarah
Glycerin, Glycerin, Glycerin
I don't know about you but I've cut out all non vegetable glycerin from my routine. I didn't even notice this doesn't use Vegetable glycerin since the shampoos from this line do. Glycerin not labeled vegetable glycerin is derived from animal fat or petroleum. I don't get why brands like this are still using it.
Reviewer: Gator
This is the best conditioner hands down!
This is the best conditioner hands down I've ever used. Its been out of stock and could someone tell me when it will be back in stock. Its a must have for my family and i with severe fragrance and skin allergies.
Reviewer: Anonymous
Love it!
I bought a travel size to try this out. I love it! My only complaint is that I’m out and it’s been out of stock. Please restock this item as soon as possible!
Reviewer: Leelee
Makes my hair feel silky smooth! Doesn’t weigh my fine hair down.
Reviewer: RPShopper
Good stuff
I have this in the full and travel sizes. I like it. It's a nice, rich conditioner and my hair looks good.
Reviewer: Hairdresser
I love this product!!
I'm hairdresser and this is far and away the best conditioner I've used in 30 years!!
Reviewer: Kim
works great on my frizzy hair
love this product. I have thick,dry, color-treated hair that is very frizzy in the summer weather. This conditioner works better than most I've tried with the benefit of being non-toxic

Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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