Daily Nourishing Facial Food Cream (For Dehydrated Skin)

Daily Nourishing Facial Food Cream (For Dehydrated Skin)




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Reviewer: Rita
Daily Nourishing Facial Food Cream - smells rancid
Sorry, I have discussed this personally with you in the past... I thought I would give it one more chance but I cannot get over the smell. Others tell me that what I am smelling is natural ingredients. However, I was spoiled by the Crème Supreme, which supposedly was composed of natural and pure ingredients, and it had a very pleasing aroma. I really wish it could make a comeback some how. I still don't like this formula.
Reviewer: Lacey
a lifesaver
I for years never used facial moisturizers because I thought they would cause my skin to break out. One day a friend referred me to this product and ever since I have used it. I haven't had any issues with the current formula, so sorry to hear that others have!
Reviewer: Millie
Awesome Product!!
I've been using product for several weeks now, and I love it!! My skin is very dehydrated and this is the only cream I've been able to find that helps fight that!
Reviewer: GranVic
Has anyone responded positively with the new formula?
I keep checking back to see if the new formula has positive reviews and I cannot see one. I miss the old formula. If it needed to be tweaked I could understand but to change it completely and have no one like it enough to leave a positive review is perplexing.

Hi GranVic, thank you for your feedback! The changes have been positive for many of our customers, but we're sorry to hear that they have not worked well for you. If you'd like to try a few samples to see if another facial cream might work better, please reach out to our Marketing VP, Rachael, at rachael@realpurity.com and we'll see if we get something better for your skin type out to you. Hope to hear from you soon! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: MMM
Not as hoped for
I have been using Real Purity for over 30 years. This is the first time I have been disappointed. It is not absorbed quickly, leaves my skin looking and feeling dull, not "glowing". I do not remember the name of the product that used before, but liked it better. What other lotion would you suggest?

Hi Marilyn, I'm so sorry this cream didn't work for you! We just sent you an email; please reply when you're able and we'll keep a few different cream samples in the mail for you. Thanks! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: GranVic
New but for me not improved
I have used the old version of this lotion for years and absolutely LOVED it. Not only did my skin look great but I did not have to put up with the psoriasis and eczema on my forehead. It went away. I was so thrilled when I found this lotion. Now with the new formula my horrible rash is back and I think it smells. So I begin the search again with a heavy heart. You can read my review before the product changed below. The customer service at Real Purity is fantastic so I hope this lotion works well for others.

Hi GranVic, we're sorry to hear that the updated version of this facial cream didn't work for you! We do have a few other facial creams that we'd be happy to send you samples of - just let us know about the experience you've described here by emailing help@realpurity.com. Feel free to reference this comment on your review and our customer service team will be happy to recommend alternatives. All the best! -The Real Purity Team

Reviewer: Kate
Didn't see results like the other people.
I found this product to be so runny you have to take the lid off slowly in order for it not to "run" out. Not sure if this is normal??? I have not seen any of the results some of the other review people have. My sun spots haven't lightened nor my dry spots reduced. Good quality is the ingredients in the cream. I think I will go back to the Dragon Fruit cream for my moisturizer but I didn't see any "wrinkle" reduction with this cream either or sun spot help! I'm open for suggestions.

Hi there! If you didn't see the results you were hoping for with this facial cream and/or weren't sure if the consistency was normal, we recommend either emailing help@realpurity.com or calling us at (800) 253-1694. We can either send a replacement, or help steer you towards a better cream for your skin type. Hope to hear from you soon! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Suzy's
I am so pleased I found this!
This cream is wonderful! I am 58 with dry skin and sun spots (sun kisses) and my face and neck look remarkably better! The sun kisses are not as dark and my skin looks healthy!, I feel like I am shining thru rather than hiding behind concealers! Thank you!,
Reviewer: Sara
Lovin this cream
My derm. recommended I use a Retonial A product on my face for the sun damage I have on my face. I didn't care for the 2 brands she mention so I called Real Purity and ask which of there moisturizers would replace this in a natural form. They recommend facial food cream and I've been using it for about 2weeks now and notice a difference. I have very sensitive skin and 55yrs old I do see an improvement and will continue to use this cream.
Reviewer: KB
Good Daytime Moisturizer
This is a good moisturizer for my sensitive skin, fragrance is very mild and goes away quickly after applying. I gave it 4 stars because it has a tendency to be pasty so you have to kind of rub it in. No problem though, because it seems long lasting and healthy for the skin.

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