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Reviewer: Krissy R.
Bad Toothpaste!
The toothpaste did not have a cinnamon flavor that lasted. It has an awful after taste that lingers in the mouth for what seems like forever. It did remove the tartar and or plaque and debris from my gums and teeth though.
Reviewer: Peyton
not too strong
Im glad a tried a sample of the Cinnamon. I don't care for the mint flavor and my kids complain about "normal" toothpaste burning their mouthes. My family has no complaints. I would call this a subtle cinnamon. I found that it worked very well. Its a natural toothpaste, so I wasn't expecting a delicious artificial flavor. I swish with water like normal after brushing and haven't experienced any bad aftertaste.
Reviewer: Jk415
I'm all about the flavor!
Really loved this cinnamon toothpaste. Nice to find something different than mint.
Reviewer: GoNoles
Terrible aftertaste
While brushing it tastes ok, but afterwards there is the most disgusting plastic taste.
Reviewer: Honest
Bad aftertaste
I ordered cinnamon regullar size toothpaste. Mint flavor ,that I liked, was out of stock at that time. I like texture , natural ingredients and mild flavor of cinnamon toothpaste, but 3 stars I gave for the aftertaste. For about 10 min after brushing my teeth, I feel like I had soap in my mouth. I Will order toothpaste in the future, but only mint flavor.
Reviewer: Bobbi
terrible toothpaste
I really don't like bad reviews, and I try not to write any, but this toothpaste had the worst flavor I've ever tasted. I'm not picky, but I couldn't even keep it in my mouth, According to the other reviews, mine doesn't make sense. Wonder if I got a bad sample.

Hi Bobbi! We're so sorry you didn't enjoy this sample. If you'd like to try a second, let us know and we'd be happy to send one along - but of course, it's possible that you're preference might be different than others. We encourage you to try our Wild Mint Toothpaste, which has a completely different flavor but is also fluoride-free. Either way, thanks for giving it a try! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Kim
All Natural Toothpaste
I got a sample of the cinnamon toothpaste and was very pleased. I have tried a bunch of other "natural" toothpastes with dismal results. I really like the mild flavor of the cinnamon. My children have always complained that store brand toothpastes "burn" their mouths. They have zero complaints with this brand. No burning and an all-natural formula!! Happy Mom!
Reviewer: T Pet
but not fabulous. The flavor is VERY mild & it doesn't feel like a mouthful of toothpaste (which is good) but also means it doesn't "suds" up much - kind of like brushing with a baking soda paste....
Reviewer: isha
It was ok didnt like the thick pasty like glue feeling. Wouldn't get or recommend. I love that its pure only.
Reviewer: Brit2015
Great Natural Toothpaste
This toothpaste has a lovely flavor and leaves my mouth feeling fresh. My only complaint is that it is a little on the watery side. If it were just a bit thicker, it would be awesome!

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