Matte Cocoa Eye Shadow

Matte Cocoa Eye Shadow




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Reviewer: Penny
This eye shadow is great!
My husband said it was very becoming on me and that was all I needed to know I had made the rigt choice.
Reviewer: Liz
loved this!
this was such a great shade! really loved it
Reviewer: Sophia
Good Product
This is a good color. I use it as an eyebrow filler and an eyeliner. It looks natural and stays on pretty well. It the perfect balance between a smokey eyed look and a natural "no makeup" look. I really like real purity makeup but one of my general complaints is that they don't (with this and a few other exeptions) make it clear which of their products are shimmery and which are matte. I like that it is clearly labeled matte.
Reviewer: Lotus
Safe and perfect for eyebrows
Nice color , easy to apply and stays until I wash it off.
Reviewer: Angie
Smokey eye look
Goes on beautifully with the Real Purity eye shadow blending brush. I use a light base color and put the Matte Cocoa in the crease and outer corner for a smokey eye look.
Reviewer: igwt
great eye shadow
I have used eye shadow shades other than the matte cocoa in the past, but I purchased this specifically to use as coloring for my eyebrows, based on a recently posted Real Purity eyebrow application tutorial. I use a primer on my entire face (including the brow area) and then use my eyebrow brush to gently dip into this brown eye shadow. Application to brows is very easy, thorough, and with the primer as a base, the powder stays on my brows all day. I doubt that I will go back to my waxy eyebrow product now that I know how beautifully the powder shadows work to fill in the brows. Thank you, Real Purity, once again!
Reviewer: Cindy
Perfect color
Matte Cocoa is the perfect color for my eyebrows! I have looked and looked for the perfect shade of brown for my eyebrows and I finally found it. The color stays until I wash it off.
Reviewer: Lee
Safe, easy to apply, sophisticated colours
I have been using these eye shadows for about three years. I have a cool skin tone and love to use Vanilla as a base, Misty Blue (a subtle violet/blue colour) on the lid, fabulous Navy (a lovely charcoal/navy) and a hint of White Shimmer under my brows on which I wear Matte Cocoa. Thanks Real Purity!
Reviewer: mar
This eye shadow is wonderful and the color "Matte Cocoa" is fabulous....perfect for daytime as well as evening wear....I LOVE it!
Reviewer: pepperminttea
Mixed feelings
There's certainly a lot of product, but it's not as smooth and easy to apply as I'd hoped; even though it's pressed, it's still a bit messy to apply.

I tried two 'Blow-Out Sale' colors, the Matte Cocoa and the Mulberry, and the colors seemed to match the monitor. But, the Mulberry has a grey undertone I wasn't expecting, and the Matte Cocoa is darker than I'd anticipated, especially since the description says 'light brown color'. It's a very deep brown, and not a 'cocoa', in my opinion.

Not the worst makeup purchase, but didn't love it either.

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