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Reviewer: Jill
Love the product! Not greasy
I purchased 2 tubes of the Velvet Glove just to try. I purchased three more so that I can share with my husband. It absorbs and does not leave that greasy residue on the hands. A little goes a long way.
Reviewer: Cheri
Life Saver!
I love this product! I'm a hairdresser and my hands are in water all day, it's my go to!!
Reviewer: Clariney
Love this stuff!
I started purchasing this a while back and it is amazing. It instantly makes my hands soft with no oily feeling. It also stays on for quite a while.
Reviewer: 1886
very moisturising , but smells really bad
Reviewer: JP
Best hand lotion bar none
Been using this hand cream for over 20 years - it is absolutely the best. It takes a little more time to dry on the hands but not excessively so - well worth the extra minute! I highly recommend.
Reviewer: Olivia
My hands suffer from extreme dryness in the winter months, and are often red and sore, no matter how much I try to keep them covered outside and how much lotion I put on. I decided to try Velvet Glove because I've tried so many other things, including natural products, and still hadn't found anything that helped 100%. I'm totally sold on Velvet Glove!!! It makes my hands feel so smooth and silky-- something I can never say during the winter! My husband commented that my hands feel like "summer hands"-- awesome product! Thank you so much for making something that works and is not full of harsh chemicals!
Reviewer: Kristin
Can't Live Without
I can't live without Velvet Glove anymore. A little goes a long way, the scent is light and maybe citrusy, and my hands stay soft and hydrated for hours.
Reviewer: Jen442
Sad. Yet again a great product that someone felt the need to change.
Used to love this product with the original ingredients. Did not realize the ingredients had changed and ordered a bunch for the next year and was so disappointed. See chemicals in it now and do not want to use it and now stuck with 6 bottles. Not happy. What a shame this company is taking the cheap way out too.

Hello Jen442, we're sorry that you did not realize the formula had been updated. We do want to emphasize that this cream now provides many more health benefits to your skin than before and the formula is also more stable, which gives it a longer shelf life that is reliably effective for a longer period of time - truly, it is not because we are trying to make a product more cheaply. We also always make sure that any ingredient added is specifically non-toxic and non-irritating, so although there are a few additional ingredients, it should still be one of the safest creams in your cabinet. In fact, we believe that it would be difficult to find another lotion that is safe to use, has less ingredients and is still rated less than 2 in toxicity on the website.

With all of that in mind, if you have sampled the new hand cream and are not happy with it, you can return any unopened container back to us. Just visit our Returns page at to fill out an RMA form, or you can contact us at Please know that for this product and others, any changes we make are because we want to continue providing our customers with the safest products that are still gentle and effective based on current industry standards. All the best, The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Daph
Still the best
Best handcream ever. Not overly fragrant which is a major plus. No need to waste time trying another brand
Reviewer: Daph
I don't usually write reviews, but after trying a sample of this cream, I ordered 2 full sizes, and plan on ordering 2 or 3 more. It is exactly what I've been wanting in a hands lotion for years. Moisturizing, not too thin, not too thick (well goopy ), not too fragrancy- definitely at the top of the list of importance, and made with no chemicals, no fake stuff, no junk. I am very glad I found this site post -head trauma, add it threw out ALL of my bathroom products, and I had plenty accumulated by age 30. Love it.

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