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Reviewer: Emjay
Great base, esp with white shimmer
I've been using this vanilla shadow as a base for a long, long time and it hasn't run out after much use. (It goes on much lighter than appears on the computer page.) Recently I decided to try the white shimmer with it and the effect is nice. A little shimmer, a little brightness in the right places. Real Purity offers generous amounts of its products, and it's hard to find quality, clean makeup.
Reviewer: Barbara
Long-time user, but
I have been a fan of these eye shadows for years. While the performance has remained excellent, I am very disappointed that Real Purity has removed the wonderful pycnogenol and added dimethicone. If they were able to return to the original formulation, I would be a life-long customer of this product. I am currently seeking a new source for eye shadow, but will remain a Real Purity customer for their great mascara, roll-on deodorant, and body wash.
Reviewer: Sophia
No shine=no like
I bought this hoping that it had a sheen to it and I could use it to highlight. Unfortunately it is matte and that this was not clear in the description is really frustrating. If they came out with the same color that had some shine I would be a big fan but this is kind of useless to me.
Reviewer: M. J.
Appears true vanilla when applied
When I opened my package and looked at the color of this eyeshadow I thought it was more flesh-colored than the rich off-white I was hoping for. But when I applied it, the color is perfect and makes a great base for the deeper shades. I like the softness and staying power of Real Purity's eye colors.
Reviewer: Lee
Safe, easy to apply, sophisticated colours
I have been using these eye shadows for about three years. I have a cool skin tone and love to use Vanilla as a base, Misty Blue (a subtle violet/blue colour) on the lid, fabulous Navy (a lovely charcoal/navy) and a hint of White Shimmer under my brows on which I wear Matte Cocoa. Thanks Real Purity!
Reviewer: JERI
excellent for blue eyes
Walnut, Vanilla, and Fawn are excellent shades for blue eyes. Developed sudden allergy to mascara and used Walnut as eyeliner in lieu of mascara and it defines and enhances blue eyes. Vanilla and Fawn are subtle, buildable, and beautiful on blue. No itching, watering, or red eye. Also recommend the mascara; some complain of clumping but I've had no problem.
Reviewer: Jacki
love the vanilla
Love the Vanilla but the White Shimmer crumbled and turned to powder after the second use.
Reviewer: Ashley
Real Purity brand eyeshadows.......hummm.

Not that exceptional in color range, I am sorry. I bought the gray and the off-white. I think that the difficulty lies within the color-range, not the actual formula though.....the formula felt smooth and creamy enough on my fingers when I applied was just that I do not look good inn murky, muddy, dark colors, or off-whites or beigey.....flat colors having zero shimmer just do not light up the eyes nor do any favors to the complexion at all. Too matte, and way too dark. Sorry, no cigar.

My pale, icy, Nordic eyes look best in silver shimmer eyeshadow on the lids, white frost under the orbital browbone, and medium-light grey in the crease, with light semi-matte grey under the eye as eyeliner, with silver frost liquid eyeliner on top of the eyeball along the upper lid lashline with black mascara above and below.

When Real Purity comes out with these eyemakeup shades, I will purchase from no one else! Becasue Real Purity really does know how to make products out of good ingredients! I respect that ethic.

I buy several of their products. But not the eyeshadow as is now.
Reviewer: Mary
Vanilla & White Shimmer
These are so light and fabulous, you will never go back to the store bought eye shadows, which feels like sandpaper in comparison. I love the chocolate and icy rose together. mix the vanilla and white shimmer for the perfect highlight color.
Reviewer: Faye
Great eyeshadow
I'm so glad that I tried Real Purity eyeshadows. I've disliked using the loose mineral eyeshadows ever since switching to non-irritating makeup. These pressed shadows are wonderful! I like that they are available in single shades - I have Vanilla, Icy Rose and Mulberry and I am happy with all of those shades. Would love a neutral champagne color with a little shimmer

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