Vitamin E Lip Balm

Vitamin E Lip Balm


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Reviewer: Barbara
I use it every night
This Vitamin E stick is very healing. Great for preventing chapped lips. I use it every night before bad.
Reviewer: RPShopper
Worth it
I was not sure about spending this much money on lip balm. I finally bought it on sale. It's good stuff. It's rich and lasts several hours.
Reviewer: Vitamin E lip balm
I love this product and I won't use anything but your Vitamin E lip balm.
I realize people are always complaining about how you package your lip balm but I have learned to live with the fact that you can't use the tube like you would use lipstick because it's a balm and it is very fragile. You must only expose a small amount before you apply it; it is very unstable in this tube so be careful you don't break it off by exposing too much with each application. Until Real Purity finds a way to package this product without taking away from the quality of the product people are just going to have to deal with it. Because, it is worth it.
Reviewer: Jay
Love this product!
This is a great product, and I will continue to buy it!
Reviewer: Kim
good product but breaks too easily
This lip balm is very moisturizing, however it is unstable in the tube and broke during my 3rd use of it with very little pressure. Sadly, I will be requesting a refund despite liking the actual balm.
Reviewer: WI SLP
tremendous lip care product
Since I am allergic to bees wax, I am very limited in the lip products that I can use. The balm goes on smoothly, softens my lips, and leaves a bit of shine on my lips. I always have back-ups on hand. Also, when my friend was being treated with chemo therapy last summer, her lips cracked and were very painful. I gave her a Real Purity Vitamin E Lip Balm and it helped provide relief for her. It helped so very much.
Reviewer: Julie
Poor packaging
The Vitamin E balm was loose and immediately smashed against the side of the container. Disappointing. The product itself I liked but I won't purchase again because of poor packaging. I also purchased a lipstick, which was great and I had no problems with it being loose.

Hi Julia,

I'm sorry this product did not work for you! We are working on putting it in a standard lip balm container.
Reviewer: Best lip balm ever
Super great lip balm!
This lip balm is amazing! It really keeps the lips hydrated, doesn't make them dry or crack, or break out. I have become allergic to so many natural lip balms and chapsticks, I googled and googled until I found this. I am so glad I did. It is so nice to not have painfully cracked or itchy lips! It makes me feel like me again! :) Highly recommended!
Reviewer: slp wi
awesome lip care product
I cannot use any lip product with bees wax in it. My lips will crack and bleed, so I am very restricted in the products that I can safely use. This product is perfect. It glides on smoothly and I have no negative reaction. I just purchased three more for a back-up. I LOVE Real Purity products.
Reviewer: Sensitive lips
Great product for sensitive lips.
Love your Vitamin E lip balm. Helps my sensitive lips stay moist and smooth. Improve the packaging (breaks easily if you expose too much while applying) and I will give this product 5 stars.

Items 11 to 20 of 39 total

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