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Reviewer: Lily
Great Natural Product!
This lipstick is fantastic! The color is a frosty baby shade of pink. What I love about it is that it feels light, gentle, and natural on my lips. I have been using burt's bees lipsticks, but they have very limited colors. Plus, I don't like many of the negative names that burt's bees give to their lipsticks! Lol...
I have been searching for a natural lipstick that is long lasting ( for at least 12 hours). This lipstick lasts for quite a while even after I eat. Anyway, I am not disappointed with this lipstick and I will continue to explore and probably purchase more real purity lipsticks! I am glad really glad to have found this lipstick!
Reviewer: Llyssa
Coral Berry
The original color looked somewhat pale pink then the bright shade posted here. The rolling mechanism seems not so perfect as the sides were somehow smashed a little as the lipstick when rolled up & down were too closed to the cover.

Hi Llyssa, thanks for your review! If you think that the quality of the item was compromised when you received it, please feel free to reach out to us via and we'll help you with a return or exchange. Thanks for your feedback! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Melody
It's OK
I ordered the sample and fell. In. Love. I totally thought this was MY lipstick go to. I was putting it on every day, so I ordered the full size...
I am pretty disappointed. First, the lipstick was jammed into the lid so a big chunk is missing off the top. Great. Second, it's just not the same as the sample for some reason. I've used it twice since I bought it and I barely put any on my lips when I do otherwise the color looks awful and cakey.

Hi Melody, if you found that the tube was broken or missing, or that the quality was compromised, please let us know at and we'll be happy to replace it for you! You can also fill out an RMA form at our Returns & Exchanges form at -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: True Beauty
Love This Company!!
So, I purchased some samples from Real Purity (shipping was lightning fast) and overall I was pretty impressed and I walked away wanting to purchase quite a few full size products after receiving and testing out the samples. Gosh, don’t you just love samples though? Any company that has the option of purchasing sample sizes to test out are complete geniuses. I mean, long gone are the days where experimenting with new products meant losing a ton of money in the process. Member the days where you just had to take your chances or rely on your friends half a– opinion of a product? Well, not anymore! I love samples. K so the samples that I got are as follows:


Lipstick Coral Berry: This is a baby/ bubblegum pink lipstick that went on pretty smooth and was very moisturizing. This lipstick was pretty light for me so anyone with a darker skin tone should use a lip liner to help transition the lipstick from their skin or otherwise look as though you just chugged a bag full of powdered donuts This lipstick was pretty opaque and is such a cute girly pink. Think, Nicki Minaj Pink Friday.
Reviewer: Welshrarebit
Great Value
I love the vivid color of Coral Berry, and it can always be toned down with a quieter color. But the really good news about Real Purity lipsticks is their low toxicity rating by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Real Purity Coral Berry ranks a one (1) on a scale of zero through ten, zero being no known toxins at all. So Coral Berry is a winner in my book.
Reviewer: Josephine
I have purchased several shades of real purity lipstick and LOVE them! The colors are rich and long-lasting and, best of all, they do not dry out my lips. Will have to keep restocking as they tend to disappear when my sisters come aound...would highly recommend this product!
Reviewer: Jette
Last year I became extremely sensitive to every lipstick and lip gloss that I tried, even those supposed to be natural. I tried several sample colors of Real Purity, ordered the full sizes and have been very happy ever since. I'm so pleased to have found Real Purity as I need these pretty colors to brighten my fair complexion.
Reviewer: aprilvb
Very nice
It is a very high quality lipstick. I will be purchasing again in the future. It's one of the best lipsticks I have used. Well worth the money

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