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Reviewer: Clara-Bo-Bara
So I'm at my in-laws on vacation and I ran out if Passion, my favorite lipstick color, and I order two of them, an Indian Dust, (see review), and this one. This is not your typical red. I mean red is red, right? Either a blue red or a yellow red, but red is usually a little heavy. This one glides on, has a translucency about it. It is a "pale" red. Ever heard of such a thing? I LOVE it! I am in my 50s, I have red hair and freckles (and rosacea, booo) but THIS is now my favorite! BTW, I was wearing Passion when I saw my sister-in-law for the first time in 5 years and she liked it so much on me that I gave her one of mine. So expect a new customer! Thanks for making such a great product for those of us with very sensitive lips!
Reviewer: Tammy
Beautiful Medium Red
Regal Red covers nicely with lots of moisture. It has staying power as well. The color has cool medium tones. Not too bright and not too sheer but just right. A nice pop of color without overwhelm. Enjoy!
Reviewer: REGAL RED
Stays on good....nice color. I like it.
Reviewer: Melissa
Great products !
Real purity has awesome products !
I haven't found anything that works as well for the price and that is all natural !
Continue to make them !
Thank you
Reviewer: northstar
best lipstick available
real purity lipstick glides on well, moisturizes my lips, stays put and lasts longer than any other healthy versions out there. appreciate that samples are available as choosing colors online is near impossible. cool tones work best for me: dewberry and regal red are staple colors for me. also like lavender rose for a softer tone.
Reviewer: Missy
Love the red colors
Love the red colors, looks very nostalgic and classy.

I bought the regal red and clover red and really love it.

Its matte texture really stays on for long time on my lips.

I tried the Passion (sample) and I like the color very much. Plans for more ordering soon.
Reviewer: Jamie
After years of trying a multitude of lipsticks I finally found a brand that doesn't make my lips break out into a painful mess! Very happy indeed. The colours I've tried so far are amazing. I just purchased a full size Regal red and Rose. I love both. A few of the colours I tried in samples and also loved include Wine, grape sherbet and red clover (I hope I got those names right). Thank you Real Purity! I wish we were introduced sooner! Thanks to the "No More Dirty Looks" girls for leading me here.
Reviewer: Hien
I like the colors that aren't sheer as they stay on longer and look richer. The sheer ones don't do much for my lips except giving them a glossy look. Please consider adding more peachy and orangy colors to your collection.
Reviewer: Tam
I absolutely love this lipstick. It glides on very smoothly. The colors are pigment doesn't crack or make lips dry like other lip products I have tried. I purchase the lavender rose I love this color. Will forever be a real purity customers can't wait to buy more colors. Simply amazing!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Jen
Lipstick again!
Thank you Real Purity! I haven't been able to wear lipstick for years... I've tried every brand from drugstore to department store brands always with the same result: itchy, swollen, peeling lips. But now I can wear lipstick again! The colors are beautiful, and no irritation.

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