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Reviewer: Curj
Best Concealer Ever
This is the Best concealer ever. It is very creamy and soft. It when I put under my eyes its blends nicely. Just like it nothing there. I love it. Thank you
Reviewer: ChiGirl
Too light, too dry
This concealer is LIGHT, not medium. I put it on straight under my eyes and it made me look creepy and ghost-like. It's also too dry to be worn alone. I mixed it with lotion, which improved the dryness but not the shade. I use the Real Purity's medium pressed powder and it is fine. So this purchase will unfortunately go to waste because it does not conceal under-eye dark circles as advertised. Would like to return it, but unfortunately the return policy does not allow this. Please take note, Real Purity! I wrote this review a few months ago, but it was never posted (purposefully??), so we'll see if it shows up this time.
Reviewer: Arlo
Greatest organic concealer
I have been using Real Purity Medium Concealer for many years. I have tried other organic concealers only to find some of the ingredients gave me an allergic reaction. The ingredients in this brand are easy on the skin and being a very sensitive person can say I have never had any kind of a negative reaction to any of their makeup. I love the natural coverage where you can't tell if there is any makeup at all. It gives my skin a flawless look. The coverage is excellent in covering flaws. Thank you for this product.
Reviewer: Debbie
The medium concealer is much lighter than it looks in the package.
I'm very fair-skinned, and the medium is too light on me. I also find at the end of the day, that it cakes up and makes my eyes look dry.
Reviewer: Jen442
The best I have tried.
I started using this concealer many years ago and switched because I didn't like using products in pots for sanitary reasons. Since then I have used several different "natural" brands all of which were pretty good and in tubes but seemed to have a couple ingredients that I was not particularly happy using under my eyes and were much thinner and didn't cover well. I recently went back to this brand just because of its simple safer ingredients and great coverage because it is thicker. I just make sure to use very clean fingers. It creases slightly when first applied but after another pat to smooth it out, it doesn't seem to do it again. I think it is because it is just slightly oily but the coverage is fantastic and I am medium/neutral skin tone and this medium is perfect for under the eye and spot touch ups. I then set it with translucent powder. I use the light color for the inner corners of my eyes only. I am very happy with this product and will be sticking with it from now on!
Reviewer: Jessica
Switching to Real Purity makeup from Clinique & Neutrogena
I found Real Purity through Target's website when I was searching for an all natural brand after a Clinique concealer irritated my eyes so badly that I had to go to urgent care. I actually like this concealer better and my husband says it looks more natural too. It is buildable but still doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup at all and doesn't cake at the end of a long day. It has a shiny finish but I'm using the medium pressed powder over it, and I'm also experimenting with foundation samples to find my right color. I've had other skin problems in the past as well so I'm trying lots of Real Purity's items and have been very impressed so far.
Reviewer: Jen Ur
Not too shabby
These concealers work pretty well. The only thing that bothers me is the strong scent (I usually use fragrance-free products), and that it clings to dry patches. Just make sure to moisturize before-hand!
Reviewer: Penny
Medium Concealer
Seems to help conceal imperfections. Could have been a bit darker. Will have to mix with another concealer to hide imperfections.
Reviewer: Nurse T
Excellent concealer!
I LOVE this stuff! It covers well, its good for my skin, it never irritates my eyes, and never creases up. Sometimes I use it all over my face as a foundation and it looks great. It feels good on my skin and stays put. Even with very oily skin it doesn't make me oilier. It goes on smooth and the color blends great, its not too heavy. I highly recommend!
Reviewer: Kayla
Concealer is a HUGE part of my makeup application and this is my favorite concealer EVER. It smells good, and is safe for me in every way. Goes on perfectly even and blends beautifully. Love love love it!

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