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Protect with Gentle-On-Skin Sun Protection

Protect skin with Real Purity’s Sunscreen Paba, a gentle sunscreen that protects from both UV rays and the irritating ingredients found in other sunscreens. 4 fl. oz.

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Protect skin with Real Purity’s Sunscreen Paba, a gentle sunscreen that protects from both UV rays and the irritating ingredients found in other sunscreens. 4 fl. oz.

  • Safflower oil acts like a lubricant, softening and soothing skin by helping it retain water
  • Paba provides skin protection by blocking UV rays


Purified Aqua (Water), Vegetable Caprylic Triglyceride, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil*, Paba



Apply to exposed skin. Reapply as needed; more frequently if in direct sunlight for more than an hour. Reapply after swimming.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Watkins
Good but beware

This sunscreen does the important job of protecting from uv rays great. Wore it at a FL beach and you could tell the spots I missed vs the spots I got. It rubs in great. It's not thick or greasy. BUT it temporarily discolors. I got in the pool, dried off, reapplied (as directed), got up and it looks like I spilled orangey yellow liquid on my towel. Next day, I avoided the pool, but apparently sweating alone will cause it to do the same.
I will use what I got but I wouldn't order again. By the end of our trip, all the towels and my beach hat, beach bag, anything that touched my body with sunscreen on had an orange tint. BUT it all came out in the wash. Just kinda embarrassing to use 😳

Best sunscreen there is

I bought a bottle two years ago which would be well past the expiration for most sunscreens, and I used it on a four hour boat ride recently. I wasn't sunburned at all. This is the only site I know that sells it.

Paba's good stuff

Paba sunscreen (the only really natural screen other than ZnO) is awesome stuff, and I can't find it anywhere but here. Everywhere else brags about being Paba-free, and then sells stuff loaded with chemicals. It was the only sunscreen many years ago. The bad rap first came from the fact that it can stain clothes, and then the drug companies latched onto other options.

works well on face

I use this sunscreen on my face with good results. It smooths on easily without a white residue and without feeling dry or sticky. It does not irritate my eyes (and I have sensitive eyes). I've never had it sweat into my eyes. I've worn it for long hikes and for regular daily activities, and it does protect from burning. Besides my face, I've used it on my arms and legs and on my teen son as well. It does wash off after being in the water a while, so plan on reapplying in that case. I prefer this one (Paba Sunscreen) to the zinc oxide sunscreen, which is whiter and much harder to rub in. They both work well. Plan to buy a new bottle at least once a year, since it starts to separate and get weirdly runny after sitting in the cabinet for 12 months or so.

This Stuff is MAGIC!

I am fair skinned and bald. I sell Toyotas for a living and spend a lot of time outside in the Colorado sun. So, as you can imagine I definitely have to protect myself. I started using the Paba Sunscreen a little over a year ago and it is amazing. I apply it once per day in the morning before I go to work and it protects me ALL DAY without reapplication. This is the first of many, many products that I have used that I have not had to reapply in order to keep from burning the heck out of my head. My hats off (literally) to Real Purity. I use the deodorant too and it is also amazing, not to mention their fantastic customer service. Keep up the GREAT work Real Purity!

Paba Sunscreen

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