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Plant Now, Reap Later: How Flowers Impact Health

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  Throughout history and even within the modern medical world, health practitioners have relied upon plant-based remedies to cure many common ailments. While most people tend to think of exotic greenery or special herbs as the key ingredients in these medicines, the truth is that flowers are also at the top of this list! In […]

Stressed? Try These Meditation & Relaxation Tips

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  Between work, kids and the chaos of everyday obligations, most women are stressed—and stretched—to the max. Each day has most women playing different roles: wife, mother, boss, partner, volunteer, employee. And, frankly, the obligations can be overwhelming. Telling a busy woman to just relax is lip service. Every woman knows she needs to find […]

How Is Your Beauty Rest Really Affecting You?

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    We all know how important it is to get our beauty rest, but how often have we foregone that knowledge for last minute, late night tasks? The truth is that although it might not seem like a big deal, Naomi Shaw – our guest blogger today – has learned that not getting enough […]