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Back To School Tips & Tricks

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  It’s back to school time for our kids, which means it’s back to school time for us too! If you’re anything like us, you’ve checked every supply off that mile long list. We’ve assisted our little fashionistas in picking out armloads of apparel (sure to send them back with style). We’ve gotten updated haircuts, […]

Loose vs. Pressed Powder: A Finishing Touch

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  Designing your makeup regimen can be difficult, especially if you aren’t prepped like a makeup pro. But even if you are normally a loose powder kind of gal, pressed powder should be neither scary nor daunting. No matter what your makeup skill level is, read on to see how you can use pressed powder […]

Sweeten Your Routine This Valentine’s Day

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  Valentines Day is almost here! Whether you like to go all out or you’re planning on spending a quiet evening at home, we have some fun and budget friendly ideas for you. Check out our tips below to see how you can sweeten your routine this Valentine’s Day. For that night on the town, […]

How To Use Real Purity Concealer For Acne Breakouts

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  Wondering how to handle those horrible, unexpected breakouts? With Real Purity  Concealer, of course! See below to check out our Makeup Consultant’s most recent vide on how to use Real Purity Concealer for acne breakouts. Want to try it for yourselves? Take 40% ALL Real Purity Makeup Brushes & our Light or Medium Concealer shades […]

Real Purity Facial Creams, Explained

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  Real Purity facial creams can be effective, but only when used for the right skin type, at the right time. That’s why our Makeup Consultant, Connie, took the time to break them down for you. Whether you’re struggling with dry, oily or aging skin, we’ve got a facial cream that can work for you. […]

How To Lighten Your Makeup Bag For A Weekend Getaway

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When summer rolls around, a weekend getaway sounds like just the thing – but for some of us ladies, that means it’s time to figure out how to lighten our grab and go makeup bag. Now, at Real Purity, we’re all about simplifying. We use simple ingredients to create simple, non-irritating cosmetics that create simple, […]

Eyeshadow Duos: Double The Color, Half The Price

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We all have those days when we are staring in our makeup bag, waiting for inspiration. What shade of eyeshadow should I wear? Which shade coordinates with my outfit? I want to do something different but don’t know where to start! How do I know which shades of eyeshadow compliment each other? As the the […]

A Tutorial On The Real Purity Coco Bronzer

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  Ready to come out of winter hibernation? If you are, then it’s time for you to check out our latest tutorial on how to apply Real Purity’s newest natural bronzer, the Real Purity Coco Bronzer. When you click on the video below, you’ll get instructions on what kind of brush to use, where to […]

How To Shape, Darken & Fill In Your Eyebrows

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  Are you struggling with questions on how to shape your eyebrows, fill them in or whether or not you can use an eye shadow as an eyeliner? Real Purity’s Makeup Consultant, Connie, is here to answer these questions and more! Just check out her most recent video tutorial, “How To Shape, Darken & Fill In […]