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Welcome to Real Purity

Our Story

Virginia Easterling was a woman ahead of her time. A true pioneer. In 1986, before the words 'recycle', 'natural', and 'organic' entered our vocabulary, Virginia was developing health and beauty products made with all-natural plant ingredients, minerals, and pure essential oils.

A licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, Virginia realized that the many chemicals and synthetic substances in the cosmetics and other beauty products used by her clients were the cause of the rashes and other skin and scalp conditions they came to her to alleviate. Putting her background in chemistry and biochemistry to work – along with her love of herbs and essential oils – Virginia founded Real Purity, one of the first companies in the world to focus on 100% natural and organic health and beauty products.

Today, Real Purity is more than that. It's the brand for people who want 'natural' and 'organic' to mean just that. It's the brand for people who know and care that the products they put on their skin or in their hair end up in our water supply and in our environment. It's the brand for people who not only want their health and beauty products to be environmentally friendly, but also to provide positive health benefits. It's the brand for people who care as much about what they put on their body as what they put in it. Real Purity is for YOU.

Real Purity is family owned and operated for four generations. All Real Purity products are Made in the USA.