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Reviewer: Carol
Hurray, no sweetener!!
I am so thankful to find a toothpaste that does not contain some type of sweetener. What kind of sense does it make to put something that destroys your teeth into something that's used to clean/protect them??!!
Reviewer: Lee
Outstanding Toothpaste
I've been using Real Purity's Wild Mint toothpaste for many years and there is no comparison to the way it makes my mouth feel, the fresh taste, and the cleaning attributes. I have researched the ingredients of other toothpaste products over the years and have never found another toothpaste that approaches this wild mint product of Real Purity. It is outstanding.
Reviewer: Barb
Great natural breath freshener!
I have tried many natural toothpastes, only to be left with stained teeth and less-than-fresh breath. Not only does the wild mint freshen my breath, it keeps it fresh for hours. Nice white teeth, as well. Great product.
Reviewer: ekim
still best available toothpaste
while this remains the best available toothpaste free of unhealthy ingredients, which I have used for over a decade now, I prefer the old version from this new version: see no value in the additional ingredients and the stronger mint flavor is not made for sensitive individuals like myself
Reviewer: kay
I have used this product for years. Why is it always out of stock?
This it the best toothpaste for anyone with MCS. I have used it for years but am getting frustrated. It is always out of stock. Then it is in for a week and out of stock again. You are losing sales. Have you considered producing more? I have used your other products like deodorant and lipstick for years. Very good if you have any issues with fragrance or chemicals. Well worth the additional cost. Thanks, When do you expect the mint toothpaste to be in?

Hi kay, we're so glad that you love the Wild Mint Toothpaste, but we're so sorry that you keep missing it's availability! This is a hugely popular product and it takes us some time to make, but we're hoping to fix that process in the coming months. For now, we recommend checking back in in a couple of weeks - it should be available again then. Thank you for your patience, kay! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: Kelli S.
Love it, but expensive
I was looking for a toothpaste that is non-toxic and because I had a coupon, I gave this a try even though it was more than I wanted to spend. I absolutely loved it, but I can't bring myself to spend $9.00 on toothpaste every couple months. Only other complaint was the top was super hard to open; it was very stiff so had to pry it open each day. But I love that it's non-toxic, tastes good, and is socially conscious. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't so expensive and if the top was more user-friendly.
Reviewer: TT
excellent product
I am so picky about toothpaste because so many natural ones do not seem to be able to remove plaque. I then resort to the more commercial pastes and not feeling good about the ingredients. So far, so good with this toothpaste. It really seems to be clearing plaque and leaving the mouth feeling clean and fresh for a long time. Really pleased.
Reviewer: Irene
Good toothpaste Bad container
I like the fact that this toothpaste is natural. The container though needs to be changed. Very difficult to open and the paste leaks out.

Hi Irene, we are in the process of replacing the Wild Mint Toothpaste container. Once the change takes place, it will be in a 6 ounce tube with a flip cap. Best Regards! -The Real Purity Team
Reviewer: northstar
best alternative toothpaste on the market
have used this toothpaste since first introduced, despite some changes along the way, it has and continues to be only alternative for me and my family.
Reviewer: Amy
Cleaner teeth than with Colgate!
I've been curious to use a natural toothpaste, but had never got up the courage to actually buy one. I love this company so figured I'd give this a try. While this toothpaste tastes extremely bitter, it is well worth it! My teeth feel so much cleaner than when I use Colgate! I don't think I'll go back to standard toothpaste again.

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