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Welcome to Real Purity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I expect to receive my order?

You will receive two emails when you place an order. The first will tell you that your order has been placed and the second will let you know that your order has shipped.



2. Do your products have an expiration date?

We recommend a shelf life of one year. We do not use any chemicals in our products, therefore there are no preservatives to extend the life of the products like many other companies use.



3. Does Real Purity ever Nano-Size the minerals in their products?

All Real Purity product formulations are always micro-nized and never nano-size. They are bonded with pycnogenal as opposed to talc or stearic acid. Real Purity minerals are not small enough to penetrate or enter into the bloodstream. Ours have SPF of 20 and are treated with pycnogenal to scatter light (meaning to show on skin), and are steralized before micronizing.



4. What is the Kosher Vegetable Glycerin derived from?

We use only plant derived kosher glycerin, most company utilize glycerin that is a bi-product, our glycerin is pure and is not a bi-product glycerin. Our glycerin is a clear, colorless, thick liquid with a naturally sweet taste. 100% food grade, kosher vegetable glycerin is derived from palm oil by the process hydrogenolysis, which removes the fatty acids, leaving pure vegetable glycerin. This glycerin is also used as humectant, a penetrant, and a softening agent. The emollient and lubricating properties make it very effective for dry skin.



5. Is the Magnesium Stearate derived from Animal?

Never - It is derived from vegetable.



6. Does Real Purity use Peanut Oil in any of their products?

We do not use peanut oil in any of product formulations.



7. Is there any Nickel in the Mascara or Mascara wand?

No absolutely not.



8. I'm allergic to Chromium and Ultramarine Blue. Do your eyeshadows, pencils, mascaras have them or derivatives of them?

Real Purity does not use any of these ingredients.



9. What is the purity of Real Purity's essential oils?

Because Dr. Rich is a Naturpathic Doctor we have access to clinical grade oils. We utilize only the purest oils on earth in our product formulations. We've spent decades developing/refining our essential oils to provide either actual health benefits or as an aroma/scent.



10. Does Real Purity use Fragrances or Synthetics?

Real Purity has never and will never use any type of artificial or synthetic fragrance in our products. When you hear us speak about people before profit, this is exactly what we are talking about. We can purchase a 55 gallon drum of synthetic Sandalwood for the cost of two gallons on Pure Sandalwood we choose to use the Pure!



11. Are Real Purity Products Gluten Free?

Most of our products are gluten free, please see our ingredient list for products you are inquiring about.



12. What is the Vitamin E derived from?

The Vitamin E is derived from Sunflower.



13. What type of preservatives does Real Purity use?

All Real Purity products do not use preservatives in the mainstream sense. Dr. Rich spent four years in Research and Development and has brought to the marketplace what we believe to be the first all natural plant perservative system. This system is completely proprietiary to Real Purity.



14. Why does my skin break out sometimes when using the cleansing gel?

This is a normal reaction to the cleansing gel removing debris from underneath your skin.


  16. What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant obtained from the bark of "U" Tree primarily found in Washington State & France. Real Purity uses only the purest, clinical grade in the world.



"17. What are the ""Pure Plant Extracts"" used in the Mascara?"

The plant extract combination is used as a preservative system for that particular product, and it is a proprietary blend here at Real Purity. If you are sensitive to certain plant extracts please let us know which ones, and we will be happy to let you know if they are in our blend.



18. Does Real Purity use GMO Genetically Modified?

Absolutely not. None of our products are formualted with these ingredients.



19. What is the purpose of the Kaolin Clay in the foundation?

Kaolin clay helps to retain the moisture in the product and helps to keep it on the skin.