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Duo Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow Duo



Consisting of only six ingredients, Real Purity Duo Eyeshadows are the all natural solution your eyelids have been waiting for. Designed to be wearable, non-irritating and long-lasting, our duo eyeshadows come in 5 sets that can be used in dozens of combinations to create the perfect eye look. Real Purity eyeshadows are never nano-sized.

  • Naturally occurring minerals, like Mica and Iron Oxide, provide a variety of beautiful and vibrant pigments, while Titanium Dioxide provides additional UV protection for the eyelid.
  • Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant that promotes healing and nourishment of the skin.
  • The particles in Real Purity eyeshadows are never nano-sized and are covered in Pycnogenol, a premiere anti-oxidant that goes one step further to protect your eyelids from harsh chemicals.


Apply to clean, dry eyelids. Mix as desired. 


Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxide, Silica, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Pycnogenol

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Reviewer: Plant Strong Ladybug
Great Colors
I love the colors. The coverage is great whether you use your finger or a brush. Getting the brush damp before applying colors intensifies the color. I LOVE it!
Reviewer: hros321
Great buy!
I got the vanilla/mocha combo and it's a lovely everyday product. My eye makeup is pretty minimal, and I use the vanilla all over the lid and brow bone, and the mocha for liner and eyebrows. Haven't tried it for use in the crease yet, but think it would work well to add some shading. For reference, I have fair skin with yellow/gold undertones and brown hair with natural auburn highlights. Both shades are true matte, with no shimmer. The vanilla is a pretty warm neutral tone - for cooler toned ladies it might not work as well, but for me it's a great all over color and base. The mocha is a warm true chocolate tone, no cool or grey undertones at all. So again, if you have cool undertones this may not be the duo for you. Color payoff is good for both shades, and there's minimal creasing. I don't prime my eyelids, so there will usually be some creasing by the end of the day with the vanilla; the mocha doesn't smudge when used as eyeliner. Overall, very high quality and it's good to know that I'm not applying harmful chemicals directly to some of the most sensitive parts of my face. If anything, the vitamin E content in this product has really softened the skin around my eyes.
Reviewer: cj
Great colors!
I love the peacock/aqua combo. It is easy to put on and the colors look great!
Reviewer: Dee
Wonderful product!
I tried the free sample of the coral/lizard duo. I love the subtlety of the coral and the lizard was great for lining my eyes. They both lasted all day for me. I will definitely buy the full size of both!
Reviewer: Quick, Cheap, & Pretty
Love it!!
My eyes have been really sensitive lately and even my usual cosmetics have been irritating my eyes, but these didn't bother me at all. The longevity is wonderful--my eye makeup still looked fresh after several hours of wear, with no creasing, fading or smearing.

I used this shadow duo to create a simple neutral eye look today. I used the Mocha Brown shadow all over the lid and along the bottom lash line as a liner, and used the Vanilla shade to blend out the edges for a softer finish:

My final thoughts: I love this duo! It's so hard to find good mattes and I feel like this duo really scores 100% in terms of color, texture and consistency. The fact that it's also vegan and natural just seals the deal. I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say this is the best powder shadow I've tried all year, and now I'm glad that I've held off on building up my powder shadow collection, because I definitely see myself purchasing some of the other duo and single shadow shades this fall!
Reviewer: Tonya
love this
I have the crystal/navy combo and I love it, it is the one eyeshadow I can put on at the beginning of the day and no matter what I wear or change into, it still looks great! The crystal has a great shine and the navy is matte and works with most outfits! A++
Reviewer: Frances
Aqua/Peacock great pigmentation!
The aqua/peacock is one of my favorites from Real Purity!! They both have excellent pigmentation and beautiful bright colors! The description of each matches them perfectly-- the aqua is a light turquoise and the peacock is a darker teal. I apply peacock to my eyelids and aqua as an accent around my eyes. HIGHLY recommend!!
Reviewer: Patricia
I tried mocha brown and vanilla and this vanilly is too yellow for me. I couldn't really even see it on my eyes. Love the brown though. I will definitely be buying more in the larger sizes.
Reviewer: Rebecca
this was okay, I love the mocha brown but not the vanilla, I'll try another one.
Reviewer: Sarah
I wrote before but I must add again! This eye shadow has amazing longevity. I work 11 hour days and my eye shadow doesn't go anywhere. I'm amazed at it's performance. It's absolutely great.

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