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Meet Lavender & Peppermint

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    The many health benefits of essential oils are finding their way into the spotlight as new research is conducted to substantiate their uses.  In the instances of lavender & peppermint oils, this is particularly beneficial as their side effects are few and far between and their potential is limitless. Lavender Oil: Lavender, also known as […]

Rejuvenate Your Body Care Routine with Almond Oil

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  Your skin endures a lot throughout the day, and as the first line of defense against viruses, bacterium, and everyday objects, it’s important to protect it. That’s why our skincare ingredient pick for the season is sweet almond oil, which has a variety of benefits to help keep your skin flawless and healthy. Limit […]

Best Buys At The Local Fall Farmers Market

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  When we think of the farmer’s market, we usually think of bountiful harvests piled high in the heat of summer; however, fall is an equally important season for harvesting. Each season brings with it a unique variety of produce and handicrafts and fall is no exception. See below which produce and crafted items we […]

The Psychology of Color

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  When you want to understand the psychology of color, the first step is to realize that each shade conveys a certain awareness and personality to others. Angela Wright, who studied psychoanalytical psychotherapy in England and links between color and human behavior in California, describes the in depth ways that color palettes influence our lives […]

Grilling Gluten-Free for Labor Day

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  Summer time is nearly finished, and that means two things are here for only a little while longer: hot days and nights to be grilling outside. If you are gluten-free, however, what would seem an easy gathering of friends and family can become difficult to navigate. Thankfully, there are plenty of main, meaty dishes […]

The Myths of Ginseng – To Use Or Not To Use?

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  While some herbs can safely be called “miracle drugs” and others are to be avoided at all cost, few have such a complicated history of research as ginseng. Credited with everything from curing cancer and controlling diabetes to an increase in energy and weight loss, we set out to clarify a few of the […]

Avoid These Acne-Inducing Ingredients

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  It can be challenging to find the right ingredients for your skin, especially if that skin is acne-prone. Check out this list of acne-inducing ingredients to see which ones you might want to avoid.   Ingredients Causing Dehydration: When your skin is dehydrated, your skin will begin to hold onto dead skin cells, ultimately clogging them and […]

High Temps Stink, But You Don’t Need To

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  We all know it’s hot outside, thanks for soaring summer temperatures. But if you’re concerned about aluminum in your deodorant and you’re ready to make the switch, then how can you be sure that you aren’t going to stink? Read now to see why you don’t need to smell in summertime. Contrary to popular […]

Rose Oil: Good For Body & Skin

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  Extracting Rose oil – also known as Rosa damascena or Rosa centifolia– can be a delicate process that mirrors the delicate nature of the flower itself. However, nothing about rose oil’s effectiveness shares that delicacy. According to, the potency of rose oil allows it to be dispersed easily in water and air, making it […]