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Which To Choose: FroYo or Ice Cream?

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  In case you didn’t know, last Saturday was National Frozen Yogurt Day – and if you didn’t have a chance to get some, we’re here to tell you why you should consider it (or not)! Read on to see why frozen yogurt has quickly become everyone’s favorite and quickest growing trend and whether it’s […]

Manage Your Stress With Scent This Holiday Season

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  Stress is a factor in everybody’s life and coping can be a struggle. Some periods of stress and anxiety render you too wired to sleep, too nauseous to eat, and even too unfocused to solve your problems. As frustrating as it can feel, it’s usually manageable – but when the holidays hit, it can […]

For Your Health During The Holidays: Cranberries

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  Cranberries are a standby at many holiday meals, but can they be more a delicious sauce or festive scent? This nutrient-packed, shiny red fruit says yes! Whether you need them to work for your health or for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with having cranberries on hand. Because cranberries are a food rich […]

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

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  Obviously, you’ve already purchased most of your holiday gifts at Real Purity – but is it possible to find eco-friendly gifts for anyone still left on your shopping list? Absolutely! Retailers are realizing that more and more shoppers care about buying green products, and there’s a plethora of e-commerce sites for you to explore that are […]

Thanksgiving Crafts For You & Your Kids

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    Thanksgiving is a time for food & family, so why not complement your cooking with a little Thanksgiving craft time too? The first of our Thanksgiving crafts looks great on the wall. The Paper Plate Turkey Wreath from A Mommy’s Adventures uses a paper plate, construction paper and glue. Older kids can easily complete the […]

A Mindful Practice: Facial Yoga for Anti-Aging & Relaxation

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  Your face is made up of many small muscles that work in tandem to help us create the portfolio of expressions of which we are capable. As we age, these muscles lose their tightness and fail to support the facial skin, leading to sagging and wrinkles. Any time we exercise a muscle, we are increasing circulation […]

Meet Lavender & Peppermint

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    The many health benefits of essential oils are finding their way into the spotlight as new research is conducted to substantiate their uses.  In the instances of lavender & peppermint oils, this is particularly beneficial as their side effects are few and far between and their potential is limitless. Lavender Oil: Lavender, also known as […]

Rejuvenate Your Body Care Routine with Almond Oil

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  Your skin endures a lot throughout the day, and as the first line of defense against viruses, bacterium, and everyday objects, it’s important to protect it. That’s why our skincare ingredient pick for the season is sweet almond oil, which has a variety of benefits to help keep your skin flawless and healthy. Limit […]

Best Buys At The Local Fall Farmers Market

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  When we think of the farmer’s market, we usually think of bountiful harvests piled high in the heat of summer; however, fall is an equally important season for harvesting. Each season brings with it a unique variety of produce and handicrafts and fall is no exception. See below which produce and crafted items we […]