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Healing With Beeswax: Uses and Concerns

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Cosmetic and skin care products use a variety of waxes in their products – Real Purity alone

Vacation: Good For Your Mental Health?

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Everyone needs a vacation. No matter what we do, or where we do it, we will always find ourselves

Stressed? Try These Meditation & Relaxation Tips

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Between work, kids and the chaos of everyday obligations, most women are stressed—and

9 Easy Uses for Orange Peel

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aAre you saving the orange peeling after eating the orange? If not, you should be! Next time you

Sweeten Your Routine This Valentine’s Day

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Valentines Day is almost here! Whether you like to go all out or you’re planning on spending a

How To Choose The Natural Shampoo For You

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Although you might want to keep your locks clean & beautiful with natural hair care, it can be